Letter to the Editor

Release the report

Monday, April 22, 2019

RELEASE THE REPORT! And the WHOLE report! And the summaries written by the investigative team! Just as was done with the Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton investigations. No more month long delays to release at a time you think it can be buried in the news, no more giving the target the report before those elected to do oversight, no more of the attorney general acting as the traitorís lawyer and PR manager. Right now, a travesty of justice and law supporting impeachable events is occurring right before my eyes. AG William Barr best be mindful of two words: John Mitchell. Your allegiance, intelligence, morals or all three are in question if you ever supported traitor trump. And how convenient for traitor trump that Barrís campaign ad for him wonít stream online live. If you want your country, FIGHT FOR IT!

ó Diane Smith, Spencer