Letter to the Editor

Happy ending

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Winter weather in northwest Clay County, Iowa causes stress for its citizens ó city and rural residents! Snow is one of the worst culprits on paved roads and especially rural gravel roads. The heroes of the area are the gentlemen who maneuver the huge, yellow road maintainers!

As a resident of northwest Clay County during the snow of this past week, I realized that the culverts along the gravel road in front of my farm were snow packed and water from the melting snow was not able to make its way through the culverts in the road in front of my farm. My farm yard was flooded!

Being one of the many residents in this same predicament, I called the Clay County Engineers Office and explained the problem. It seems that there were many such problems throughout the countryside. I was assured that help would arrive according to the waiting list. Help arrived in a very short time driving one of the maintainers. The driver was a pro. The gravel was moved but the ice still jammed the culvert. Gene Fliss, the maintainer driver, tried to release the ice but it wouldnít budge. He even tried to move it with a shovel while holding on to the mailbox for support. He finally continued on down the road on his way to another area.

Upon arising the next morning, the water was gone from the yard.

There is a special note to this story ... Flissí great-great-grandfather, W.S. Meyer, purchased the land in the late 1800s when he moved to the area. He originally was a resident of Grundy County, Iowa

Winter in northwest Iowa can have a happy ending!

ó Marilyn Meyer, Everly