Letter to the Editor

Congressman King

Friday, January 18, 2019

As it was Jan. 18 (also National Winnie the Pooh Day) I thought I'd ask you to pass along my comments to Paula, your publisher. Her editorial Jan. 15, regarding our 4th District congressman, didn't sit well with me. I was fine with her usual "fluff" for the first 100 words or so, but then she had to "pile on" Rep. Steve King with her comments about him being ineffective and embarrassing.

Mr. Editor, please remind her that Congressman King does indeed represent her, as long as he remains in his current role. She may choose to believe what her cronies in the newspaper business believe concerning what Steve said. His mistake was not in promoting the benefits of Western Civilization or the need for people who live in America, and are of childbearing age, to have babies and thus keep up with the national death rate we currently are witnessing. No, his mistake was in being on a phone interview with the New York Times, and falling into their successful efforts at entrapment. It's an old trick, and veterans such as Steve shouldn't fall for it. He realizes it, and will likely take the accompanying dire consequences. From his own words, however, resigning is not one of them.

I've had the pleasure and privilege of speaking with Congressman King, listening to him at public meetings, fundraisers and informal gatherings. I've heard Dr. Steve Meyer speak in glowing terms about the lengths to which the congressman went to insure speedy, timely air transportation from Africa to Sioux City for the three youth critically injured in the bus accident. These are not the words and deeds of a racist, bigot, homophobe or white supremacist.

I hope Steve King makes good on his intention to hold town hall meetings. Trust me, he can take the dressing downs the press expect. What would be truly helpful would be that the honorable press show the common decency to show up, listen and then act with the dignity and decorum they sanctimoniously expect of him. Mr. Editor, I, for one, hope you cover the event that may yet happen in Spencer.

Bill Kersting, Spencer