Letter to the Editor

Publisher's column

Friday, January 18, 2019

Regarding Publisher Buenger’s opinion piece, “NW Iowa values aren’t reflected in King’s statement,” she forsakes two of our values. One is we don’t pile on when someone is down. The other is we give the benefit of the doubt.

It was foolish of King to give that interview to a proven hostile NYT. Why the public seized on that biased source as gospel is puzzling, but King’s long and outspoken advocacy for Western Civilization has long been misunderstood. Nearly everyone piled on, quickly condemning King for the NYT’s version of his quote.

But Buenger’s pile on is troubling because as a journalist she knows how verbal interviews are transcribed to text and she knows how to structure sentences and paragraphs. She heard King’s floor speech explaining the punctuation error in the NYT’s quote and she would understand how that could have happened. Her trained eye would see that the words that end the statement quoted best fit King’s explanation, not the NYT’s version. Fox’s Brit Hume was among the few strong enough to publicly recognize that, but not Buenger. There was no benefit of the doubt from that Iowan.

King is likely damaged beyond recovery. Actions taken against him are insulting to him and to the people of the 4th District. The 4th District will be harmed by having its voice on the ag committee removed. The punishment appears a bit strong.

Don Etler, Spencer