City approves new branding, website updates

Monday, December 3, 2018

The Spencer City Council unanimously approved two proposals Monday night which aim to update how the city looks both in its marketing and on the internet. The first proposal, a brand development package created by F8 Creative, was approved at a cost not to exceed $9,000. The second proposal came from Emagine, which will update the city of Spencer website at a cost not to exceed $6,500.

Joe Weber, owner of F8 Creative, shared what the brand development package would entail.

“We were approached by Amanda (Mack, Spencer city manager,) in conjunction with the development of the new website ... that the city would like to undertake the project to develop a new brand, a new logo and a brand identity for the city,” Weber said. “We discussed a deliverable of ideally January or February of 2019. ... Some of that is dependent upon just the communication that we have with the city and the individuals that we have an opportunity to meet with to discuss some direction.”

Spencer Mayor Kevin Robinson questioned Weber regarding if a promotional video would be created as a branding item.

“There were some questions about if a video was produced for the city, how would it be utilized?” Robinson said.

“One of the most important aspects of rolling out a new brand is the education process and sharing that with ... your constituents or your citizens if you’re a community,” Weber said. “Just having the opportunity to present that to the community as a whole and generate a degree of appreciation for the process that the city undertook, the development of that and the meaning behind that.”

Questioned by Robinson regarding whether the promotional video would include footage of Spencer in the current season of Winter, Weber said the video could utilize in-house footage or be postponed for content in the spring and summer.

The council also requested Tony Virelli, Emagine partner, discuss the details of the website update to council members.

“We did the original website close to five years ago,” Virelli said. “One of the major benefits that you’re going to see from the website design more than anything is the fact that it will now be mobile friendly. ... People can look things up on the fly before they even leave their home or if they have to look something up while they're already on the road, that will be much more accessible to them. Working with F8 Creative, we’ll work with the logo design and all that so everything meshes well together.”

Virelli said the website would be expected to be completed in two or three months, however he noted the project’s completion would be dependent on communication and revisions.

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