A way to share Christmas spirit

Sunday, December 2, 2018

A good many of us will enjoy any number of popular traditions surrounding the celebration of Christmas.

We will spend time with family and friends. Some will enjoy work socials. Parents and children will exchange gifts and cards, demonstrating our love for one another. There will be great food, cookies and snacks.

Warm fires in the fireplace, beautifully decorated trees and homes, wrapped presents displayed around the tree stand, anxious kids and grandkids waking up early and rousing their parents and grandparents before (or after) racing to the tree to see what Santa left for them.

Smiles, hugs and laughter shared around cups of hot cocoa.

Paints a really pretty holiday picture doesn’t it? A regular slice of Americana right out of a Norman Rockwell painting. (For you younger folks, Rockwell’s a legendary artist whose paintings captured American life on canvas better than any man ever has.)

Sadly that's not necessarily the way it goes in every household. It would be nice to think those experiences are enjoyed by all of our neighbors and acquaintances, but we all know that's not the case. For some the holidays are a time of pain where money to keep the heat on and minimal food on the stove to feed a family replaces the need for decorating wreaths and trees. The need for a pair of pants or socks puts the need for that must-have toy on the back-burner. There is no money for luxuries when you are challenged with paycheck-to-paycheck living.

So I want to encourage our readers to get involved and make a little Christmas difference. Each year the Daily Reporter partners with Upper Des Moines Opportunity to create the Holiday Family Adoption program. Traditionally we have 80 families each year. We ask our readers and concerned community citizens to step up and help make another family's Christmas just a bit more special by making a few extra purchases and giving to others.

There are still many families yet to be adopted this Christmas. They are listed as follows:

Family 13

Male, age 16. Pants, Axe, hoodie.

Male, age 6. Size 5 pants, remote control car, truck.

Male age 16. T-shirts, body wash, hoodies.

Male age 15. T-shirts, body wash, hoodies.

Male, age 58. Size 40x32 pants, polo shirts, size XL, dishes, glasses.

All the boys like basketball and football.

Family 16

Male, age 32. Size 32x32/medium shirts, pants, cologne, socks.

Female, age 30. Size 16 pants, XL shirts, makeup.

Female, age 15. Size 3/small adult shirts, pants, socks, makeup.

Female, age 13. Youth large/size 5 pants, shirts, anything soccer.

Female, age 12. Size Adult small/7 pants (leggings, large) shirts, anything for soccer.

Female, age 3. 4T shirts, pants socks, anything Peppa Pig, hair ties.

Male, age 2. Size 3T shirts, pants, socks, trucks, trains, books.

Family 31

Male, adult. Tools, Earnhardt items.

Female, adult. Fuzzy blanket, towels, wash cloths.

Male, age 11. Size 10/12 clothes, Legos, Lego tape, toy combine.

Female, age 8. Size 8 clothes, drawing supplies, jewelry, Jojo Siwa, outside digging toys, Vampirina doll, Legos.

Female, age 5. Size 6 clothes, nail polish, babies, Legos, lip gloss.

Male, age 3. Size 4T clothes, cars, trucks, learning toys, toddler bed set (horses).

Male, age 3 months. Size 9-12 month clothes, learning toys, crib sheets.

Family 32

Male, age 11. Size 12 clothes, Scooby Doo, Minecraft, science.

Female, age 13. Adult size 7 pants, size M clothes, makeup, hair, lotions, art supplies.

Male, age 16. Adult size XL clothes, pj pants, Axe body wash.

Female, age 34. Size XL pj pants, hoodies, cooking.

Male, age 36. Size 3XLT clothes, pj pants, hoodies, body wash, wood working.

Family 37

Male, age 29. Size 3XLT tops, size 44 pants, T-shirts, socks, wallet, body wash

Female, age 28. Size 3XL shirts, baking pans, waffle iron.

Female, age 8. Girls size 10, L shirts, socks, underwear, mermaids, baby dolls.

Female, age 7. Girls size 12, L shirts, socks, underwear, unicorns, coloring books and crayons.

Male, age 3. Size 5T, XS underwear, shirts, outer space, tractors.

Family 46

Female, age 19. Jr. size L shirts, sweats, pj pants, jewelry box.

Female, age 16. L shirts, Jr. 12-13 pants, makeup, nail polish.

Female, age 14. L shirts, Jr. 12-13 pants, makeup, games

Male, age 15. Size M shorts, sweatshirts, 10-12 ankle socks.

Female, age 7. Girls size 7-8 coat, leggings, arts, jewelry box.

Male, age 4. Boys size 6-7 pants, socks, PG mask or Paw Patrol

Female, age 56. Size XL leggings, Walmart cards, food cards, gas cards.

Family 52

Male, age 17. Size XL shirts, pj pants, hoodies, size 36x34 jeans, size 11 slippers, socks, Axe body wash.

Male, age 15. Size L shirts, pj pants, hoodies, joggers, size 32x32 jeans, size 9 slippers, Axe body wash.

Female, age 51. Size 2XL, 16W pjs, clothes, set of glasses, kitchen and bath towels.

Family 56

Female, age 11. Size M leggings, size L shirts, books, drawing pad, socks.

Female, age 9. Size L leggings, XL shirts, paint canvas, books, socks.

Male, age 6. Size 10-12 shirts, size 10 jeans, video games, Legos, books, socks.

Female, age 5. Size 7-8 shirts/pants, Barbies, Legos, puzzles, socks.

Male, age 4. Size 7-8 shirts/pants, cars, Legos, puzzles, socks.

Female, age 34. Size 18 jeans, 1XL shirts.

Male, age 30. Size 40x32 carpenter pants, 2XL shirts.

Family 61

Male, age 35. Size XL/36x34, hat and gloves, pants, pillows.

Female, age 35. Size XXL, body wash, wallet purse, blanket.

Male, age 17. Size XL, 30x34, pants, headphones, pillows, wallet.

Female, age 16. Size XL, headphones, anything Batman, wallet.

Male, age 9. Size L, 12-14, hat and gloves, Batman, pants, snow pants.

Male, age 7 months. Size 9-12 month clothing, age appropriate toys.

Female, age 1. Size 24 month clothes, snow pants, sippy cups, toys.

Family 62

Female, age 29. Size 3X/18, winter coat, flatware, towels.

Male, age 38. hat, gloves, wallet, body wash.

Male, age 14. Size 2X, 14-16, board games, coat, snow pants.

Male, age 10. Size 12-14, coat, snow pants, Harry Potter books.

Female, age 6. Size 6-7, dolls, Barbies, Play-Doh.

Female, age 1, Size 3T, dolls, musical toys, clothes.

Male, age 16. Size L, hoodies, gloves, body wash.

Male, newborn. Clothing, diapers, baby items.

Family 63

Female, age 7. Size 7-8 clothes, dolls, books, art supplies.

Male, age 5. Size 5T clothes, cars, books, art supplies.

Male, age 3. Size 4T clothes, cars, books, art supplies.

Male, age 2 months. 0-3 clothes, blankets, baby supplies.

Male, age 30. blankets, pillows, 49ers gear.

Female, age 25. Baking pans, body wash, mixing bowels.

Family 65

Male, age 17. Size L pants, 36x32 jeans, XL shirts, clothes, music items, size 14 shoes.

Male, age 15. 4XL shirts, XXL pants, Size 13 shoes, books, music items.

Female, age 13. Size 16 jeans, leggings, size XXL shirts, size 11 women's shoes, clothes, perfume, drawing, crafts.

Female, age 39. Size 26/28 pants, shirts, 4XL shirts, clothes, perfume.

Male, age 48. Size XL shirts, 38x32 jeans, size 13 shoes, cologne, clothes, puzzles.

Family 67

Male, age 13. Size Medium adult, shirts, boxers, socks (6-10), comfy pants, grooming items.

Female, age 9. Shirts (junior size L), shoes (6 1/2), stretchy pants (size L junior), hair accessories, socks.

Female, age 40. Size 24 jeans, long-sleeve shirts, socks, hygiene items.

Family 70

Female, age 12. Womens size 9-10 jeans, womens M tops, snow pants, coat, hat, mittens, size 8 ˝ snow boots, cool lights to hang in room, fuzzy blanket, makeup, makeup brushes and bag, Uno Phase 10 card game.

Female, age 35. Pregnancy pillow, king size bedding (teal).

Family 71

Male, age 16. Size 30x32 pants, size L shirts, socks, Axe body wash.

Female, age 44. Size S pants, tops, pjs, fuzzy blanket.

Female, age 18. Size L hoodies, sweaters, makeup, body wash.

Family 72

Female, age 46. Size 14 pants, size L sweatshirts, kitchen gadgets.

Male, age 43. Size 32x34 jeans, size XL tops, likes Packers, tools.

Male, age 12. Mens size XL shirts, hoodies and wind pants, like Kansas City Chiefs, sports.

Female, age 8. Girls size 7 sweatshirts, 7 slim pants, likes to play school, likes dolls, Frozen.

Female, age 7. Girls size 10/12 pants and shirts, likes dolls, makeup, fingernail polish, hair accessories.

Family 76

Female, age 9. Girls size 10-12 yoga pants, shirts, pjs, crafts, painting and drawing, movies, music, books.

Female, age 8. Girls size 8-10 stretch pants, shirts, pjs, crafts, music, movies.

Male, age 5. Boys size 5T clothes, cartoons, any toys, cars, trucks.

Male, age 4. Boys size 4T clothes, cartoons, any toys, dinosaurs.

Female, age 30. Size 2XL sweatshirts, stretch pants, any kitchen items, books.

Male, age 31. Size 2XL sweatshirts, bath towels, any household items, loves hunting and fishing.

Family 77

Male, age 10. Boys size 18-20/ Mens S pants, shirts, size 5 shoes, socks, underwear, any toys.

Male, age 8. Boys size 18-20/mens S pants, shirts, size 5 shoes, socks, underwear, any toys.

Male, age 4. Boys size 4T-5T pants, shirts, size 11 shoes, socks, underwear, any toys.

Female, age 32. Size M-L clothes.

Family 79

Male, age 7. Boys size 10-12 long-sleeve shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, boys size 2 shoes, socks, any toys, books, Thomas Train.

Male, age 2. Size 18-36 month clothes, socks, size 7 baby shoes, noisy toys, books, Thomas Train.

Female, age 31. Size XL tops, size 15-16 jeans, pants.

Family 80

Female, age 15. Candle, fuzzy socks, blanket

Male, age 14. Wireless speakers, socks

Female, age 35. Towels, anything chocolate, lotion, family board games.

Male, age 39. Blankets, wallet, body wash.

You can get involved by calling our office at 262-6610 during business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday) and adopting one of the remaining families, or you can make a generous financial contribution to help ensure all our families are cared for this special season of giving.

Time is of the essence, so I would ask you to consider listening to your heart. If it's asking you to help, please join us in making a difference in the lives of those who might otherwise not feel the blessing you can deliver for others this Christmas.

There will be two drop-off opportunities, Saturday, Dec. 8, and Saturday, Dec. 15, from 8:30 a.m. until noon. The drop location will be The Depot on the Clay County Fairgrounds. All of those who adopted a family must drop off their gifts on one of these two dates. Placing multiple gifts in a larger box helps to facilitate the delivery.

On Sunday, Dec. 16, Spencer volunteer firemen, volunteers and area UPS employees will deliver the gifts to families.

God bless you for all your help. Make a difference in a stranger's life.

What say you?