Holiday Family Adoption 2018

Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Holiday Family Adoption Program, a Spencer-area holiday staple, allows generous area families, businesses and service groups to share the holiday spirit and bounty. Thanks to the generosity of area families and businesses, approximately 80 area families will be gifted with items to help make this Christmas season a little bit brighter.

Lists of families available for "adoption" will be published in the Daily Reporter. These families are gathered through Upper Des Moines Opportunity, and the program is completely anonymous.

To "adopt," simply call the Daily Reporter at 262-6610, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and let us know what family you would like to adopt. It's a good idea to have several possibilities, as families may already have been selected. Then the fun begins! You shop for items on the list, wrap, and label with the family number and member, for example, "Family 34, son, 10 years old." It is not necessary to purchase everything on the lists. New or very gently used items are accepted.

Additional families will be added to the list until approximately 80 families are adopted, so if you don't see a family you wish to adopt, you can wait for more to be added.

There will be two drop-off opportunities, Saturday, Dec. 8, and Saturday, Dec. 15, from 8:30 a.m. until noon. The drop location will be The Depot on the Clay County Fairgrounds. All of those who adopted a family must drop off their gifts on one of these two dates. Placing the multiple gifts in a larger box helps to facilitate the delivery.

On Sunday, Dec. 16, the Spencer volunteer firemen, volunteers and area UPS employees will deliver the gifts to families.

Family 4

Female, age 30. Size XL, clothes, picture frames.

Male, age 35. Size 2XL shirts and 36 pants, clothes, waffle iron.

Female, age 10. Size 16 clothes, Shopkins, nail polish.

Female, age 5. Size 6 clothes, My Little Pony, craft kits.

Male, age 1. Size 24 months clothes, learning toys.

Family 5

Female, age 10. Size 14-16 clothes, books, hair accessories, coloring books.

Female, age 7. Size 7-8 clothes, Barbies, baby dolls, kids movies.

Female, age 2. Size 2T to 3T clothes, Barbies, learning toys.

Male, age 28. Size XXL shirts, size 32/32 pants, tools, fitted hats.

Female, age 28. Size XL shirts, pants size 9-10, household items, purses.

Family 13

Male, age 16. Pants, Axe, hoodie.

Male, age 6. Size 5 pants, remote control car, truck.

Male age 16. T-shirts, body wash, hoodies.

Male age 15. T-shirts, body wash, hoodies.

Male, age 58. Size 40 x 32 pants, polo shirts, size XL, dishes, glasses.

All the boys like basketball and football.

Family 16

Male, age 32. Size 32 x 32/medium shirts, pants, cologne, socks.

Female, age 30. Size 16 pants, XL shirts, makeup.

Female, age 15. Size 3/small adult shirts, pants, socks, make up.

Female, age 13. Youth large/size 5 pants, shirts, anything soccer.

Female, age 12. Size Adult small/7 pants (leggings, large) shirts, anything for soccer.

Female, age 3. 4T shirts, pants socks, anything Peppa Pig, hair ties.

Male, age 2. Size 3T shirts, pants, socks, trucks, trains, books.

Family 31

Male, adult. Tools, Earnhardt items.

Female, adult. Fuzzy blanket, towels, wash cloths.

Male, age 11. Size 10/12 clothes, Legos, Lego tape, toy combine.

Female, age 8. Size 8 clothes, drawing supplies, jewelry, Jojo Siwa, outside digging toys, Vampirina doll, Legos.

Female, age 5. Size 6 clothes, nail polish, babies, Legos, lip gloss.

Male, age 3. Size 4T clothes, cars, trucks, learning toys, toddler bed set (horses).

Male, age 3 months. Size 9-12 month clothes, learning toys, crib sheets.

Family 32

Male, age 11. Size 12 clothes, Scooby Doo, Minecraft, science.

Female, age 13. Adult size 7 pants, size M clothes, makeup, hair, lotions, art supplies.

Male, age 16. Adult size XL clothes, pj pants, Axe body wash.

Female, age 34. Size XL pj pants, hoodies, cooking.

Male, age 36. Size 3XLT clothes, pj pants, hoodies, body wash, wood working.

Family 34

Female, age 16. Adult size M-L clothes, enjoys art, music, reading, Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, Starbucks.

Female, age 10. Girls size 14-16 clothes, enjoys art, collection pens, likes owl stuff, dogs and cats, Minnesota Vikings, Dallas Cowboys.

Male, age 7. Boys size 8-10 clothes, army guys, Hulk, Dallas Cowboys, camo stuff, Ford, tools.

Female, age 34. Size XL clothes, baking pans, mixing bowls, kitchen towels, measuring cups, movie passes for family.

Family 36

Female, baby. Size 12-18 month clothes, toys, size 3 diapers.

Female, age 5. Size 7-8 clothes, building, crafts, Beauty and the Beast, princesses, learning toys, magnets.

Female, age 3. Size 6-6x clothes, crafts, pandas, Frozen princesses, dry erase.

Male, age 28. Size XL-2XL clothes, hunting/fishing.

Female, age 36. Cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, canvases.

Family 37

Male, age 29. Size 3XLT tops, size 44 pants, T-shirts, socks, wallet, body wash

Female, age 28. Size 3XL shirts, baking pans, waffle iron.

Female, age 8. Girls size 10, L shirts, socks, underwear, mermaids, baby dolls.

Female, age 7. Girls size 12, L shirts, socks, underwear, unicorns, coloring books and crayons.

Male, age 3. Size 5T, XS underwear, shirts, outer space, tractors.

Family 39

Female, age 9. Girls size 8-10 shirts, pjs, drawing, coloring.

Female, age 6. Girls size 7-8 shirts, pjs, drawing, coloring.

Female, age 15. Jr. size S-M tops, size 6 pants, pjs, likes Harry Potter or drawing.

Female, age 29. Size L-XL winter jacket, pjs.

Family 40

Female, age 17. Size 9 clothes, pjs, hair care, nail polish, lotion.

Female, age 16. Size 7 clothes, pjs, hoodies, art supplies, crafts,

Female, age 14. Womens size M pjs, hoodies, art supplies, crafts.

Female, age 11. Girls size 12-14 pjs, hoodies, fuzzy socks, crafts.

Male, age 5. Size 5T clothes, pirates, dinosaurs, games.

Female, age 3. Size 2T clothes, Minnie Mouse, tea set, coloring.

Male, age 39. Wallet, flashlight, Axe body wash.

Female, age 37. Lotion, fuzzy blanket, scarf.

Family 41

Female, age 15. Adult size M black leggings, hoodies, blankets, lotions.

Female, age 10. Adult size S pjs, long-sleeve tops, Christmas blankets, stuffed animals.

Female, age 40. Size M-L winter coat, scarf, gloves, hat, pots and pans.

Family 42

Female, age 26. Size XL hoodies, socks, candles.

Male, age 36. Size XL hoodies, socks, puzzles.

Male, age 10. Boys size 10R pants, size M clothes, tractors, cars, puzzles, learning games.

Female, age 8. Girls size 14/16 pants, size XL clothes, painting, horses, learning games.

Female, age 3. Girls size 8 pants, Size S clothes, horses, farm, learning games.

Male, age 2 months. Size 6 month clothes, socks, baby toys.

Family 43

Female, age 7. Size 6T winter clothes, coat, jeans, shirts, baby doll stroller, Jurassic World dinosaurs, horses.

Male, age 5. Size 6T winter clothes, coats, jeans, shirts, Avengers Infinity War toys.

Male, age 1. Size 2T winter clothes, coat, jeans shirts, inflatable ball pit.

Female, age 26. Size M winter coat, clothes, blender, sauce pan.

Male, age 27. Size 2XL winter clothes, coat, body wash, shaving set.

Family 44

Male, age 17. Mens size M shirts and pants, socks, likes Thomas the Train, books, games, coloring books, puzzles, cars, tractors.

Female, age 40. Size 14 jeans, XL shirts, canning stuff, sewing stuff, craft stuff.

Female, age 12. Girls size 10 jeans, size M shirts, makeup, crafts, all girly stuff, plays volleyball.

Male, age 14. Size 36x32 jeans, Mens XL shirts, Axe body wash, movie passes, pj pants, hoodies.

Family 46

Female, age 19. Jr. size L shirts, sweats, pj pants, jewelry box.

Female, age 16. L shirts, Jr. 12-13 pants, makeup, nail polish.

Female, age 14. L shirts, Jr. 12-13 pants, makeup, games

Male, age 15. Size M shorts, sweatshirts, 10-12 ankle socks.

Female, age 7. Girls size 7-8 coat, leggings, arts, jewelry box.

Male, age 4. Boys size 6-7 pants, socks, PG mask or Paw Patrol

Female, age 56. Size XL leggings, Walmart cards, food cards, gas cards.

Family 47

Female, age 38. Size 3X clothes, blender, coffee pot, candles.

Male, age 34. Size 4X shirts, clothes, size 12 white socks

Male, age 15. Boys size 18 or mens size S shirts, socks, size 30x30 jeans, anything sports Hawkeyes, Vikings, pj pants, hoodies, Axe products.

Male, age 12. Boys size 16-18 shirts/jeans, pj pants, hoodies, model cars, blankets, books, sports clothing, Axe body products.

Female, age 10. Girls size 10-12 pj pants, hoodies, books, games, blankets, hair stuff, body wash, makeup, Caboodle.

Family movie passes.

Family 49

Female, age 7. Girls size M shirts, pants with elastic waistband, horses, unicorns, coloring books, books to read.

Male, age 10. Boys size XL athletic pants with elastic waistband, XXL shirts and hoodies, anything WWE, joke books, Matchbox/Hot Wheels cars.

Female, age 37. Dish soap, laundry detergent, paper towels.

Male, age 44. Size 4XLT shirts and hoodies, 2X gym shorts, 4XL winter coat, toilet paper, Kleenex.

Family 50

Male, age 14. Boys size L athletic pants, joggers, athletic shirts, winter coat, full size blanket, gaming posters.

Female, age 49. Size 16 pants and jeans, size 2XL shirts and winter coat, size 8 boots, towels, silverware, queen blanket, rugs, towels.

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