Letter to the Editor

The risk Dr. Ford is taking

Sunday, September 23, 2018

What should a sexual assault victim expect if she accuses the person who assaults her? She will be shamed, blamed, threatened, called to be lying or mixed up. Much courage is necessary and sometimes the courage doesn’t come right away.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford had a decision to make. Should she remain silent and avoid the hurtful notoriety or does America need to know about the actions and character of a nominee to the Supreme Court of the United States for a life time term?

She has agreed to bring fourth her claim in a congressional hearing but asks for an FBI investigation to provide substantiation or denial of her claims. For some mysterious reason, only President Trump can request this to be done. He declines. So, this will result in a he said — she said hearing. It’s not hard to guess how it will come out when you hear Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell’s statement — “In the very near future Judge Kavanaugh will be on the U.S. Supreme Court. Don’t get rattled by all this. We’re gonna plow right through it and do our job.” Sad!

Robert Sneitzer, Spirit Lake