Letter to the Editor

Northlawn Cemetery

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Do you have loved ones in Northlawn Cemetery? Are your markers clearly visible? Well, listen up! Unless the city kills the Creeping Charlie, your markers will be gradually taken over by the Creeping Charlie like my loved ones are.

Creeping Charlie is a very difficult weed to get rid of, however, it can be done with perseverance. I have talked with Tim Hamrick, person in charge of cemeteries in Spencer. I gave him an article on how to get rid of Creeping Charlie. I stressed that multiple applications of spray are needed both in the spring and the fall. I was informed last year that a stronger dose of what they use was going to be sprayed last fall on all the cemetery but only once. All their spray does is "brown" the top leaves. It does not kill it. He also said they don't have time to spot spray. I informed him about Weed Free Zone by Ferti-lome that Del's said will get rid of Creeping Charlie but this also requires more than one application.

Maybe a company should be hired to spot spray to eradicate the Creeping Charlie since they don't have time.

I just want to make everyone aware of the Creeping Charlie taking over Northlawn Cemetery!

Barb Schomaker, Greenville