Letter to the Editor

Mollie Tibbetts

Monday, September 10, 2018

A couple of weeks ago the SDR carried a couple of stories from other publications without attribution. Since they did not appear in the opinion section and since the SDR considers itself a NEWSpaper, the assumption it is not biased, but one article quoted extensively David Johnson (Yes, THAT one) who argued Iowa NEEDS the illegal immigrants in livestock confinements because Iowans won't do the work. Does ANYONE listen to that former Republican who now is the Clay County chairman of the Democrat, Fred Hubbell, for governor committee?

The second was a plea from, what I understand, the absentee father of Molly Tibbets who warned us to NOT use her death for political purposes. Instead, we are to sit around a campfire singing "Kumbaya!" Is this the reaction you would have if your daughter was murdered? It certainly wouldn't be mine! In fact, I would need to hire a couple of big guys to restrain me from killing him with my bare hands!

For those of you unable to distinguish the difference, this is the news Molly Tibbetts is dead because an illegal immigrant from Mexico killed her! If Cristhian Bahena Rivera (real name?) wasn't here illegally, Molly Tibbetts would still be enriching the lives of all who came into contact with this vibrant, happy young woman on the brink of adulthood!

You may disagree with our immigration policy, but we are a nation built on laws passed to protect our country The Greatest Nation on God's Green Earth!" Laws are necessary because of the inherent evil of man, and any nation that disregards law is destined for the ash-pile of past civilizations unwilling to protect their borders.

Unfortunately, politics rears it's ugly head! Question is there a nationally known Democrat who has gone on record advocating the building of "the wall" or enforcement of present laws protecting our national borders? They universally support "immigration reform, which is code speak for open borders and amnesty for all! And they ALL support sanctuary cities allowing illegals to roam free without interference from ICE.

If there is any blame for Molly's death, other than the evil despicable illegal immigrant who killed her, perhaps we should review the preceding paragraph.

Jerry Crew, Webb