Spencer Community Theatre production: 'The Secret Garden'

Thursday, July 12, 2018
The entire cast and crew of "The Secret Garden" stand in front of the garden set. The production returns to Spencer Community Theatre after last being performed in 1999.
Photos by Joseph Hopper

SCT playhouse welcomes audiences to the heartwarming musical, "The Secret Garden." When young Mary Lennox loses her parents to a cholera outbreak in India, she is sent to live with her uncle, hermit Archibald Craven, who lives in an imposing, secluded manor on the British highlands. Inside the haunting house upon the hill, Mary finds a reclusive, long-suffering collection of souls. Since her aunt Lily’s death, Mary’s uncle has pushed away his surviving loved ones, leaving his bedridden son, Colin, alone. Sickly Colin, hidden away in the depths of the manner, bears the guilt of his mother’s death on his crippled shoulders. When Mary discovers her Aunt Lily’s hidden garden, locked and overgrown with vines, stubborn Mary is determined to revive the beauty that once was. Surrounded by spirits from the past, who both warn and welcome her, determined Mary begins to peel away the layers of sadness that cover the house and the garden, showing us the power that “one small girl” can have when she “wants things to grow.”


Mary LennoxTori Hampson
Archibald CravenSamuel D Aalberts
Neville CravenTim Steele
Lily CravenLauren Boyd
MarthaDelaney Weeks
DickonRhyan Busch
Colin CravenSean Connor
Mrs. MedlockMackenzie Connor
Rose LennoxBeatrice Walker
Captain Albert LennoxDarrian Adkins
Ben WeatherstaffChandler Todd
AyahVanessa Reardon
Lieutenant Peter WrightCharlie Steele
Major HolmesKyle Goeken
Major ShelleyEthan Johnson
Mrs. ShelleyMakenna Pierce
Claire HolmesKatie Halverson
AliceKaitlyn Meylor
Mrs. WinthropMachena Richter
EnsembleTatum Cuttell, Lexi Duffy, Hanna Gee, Allison Nolan
Children’s ChorusStella Gerlock, Abby Goeken, Elsie Graham, Graycelyn Hameister, Benjamin Maki, Maggie McNea


DirectorRusty Ruth
Music DirectionKatie Kardell
Set, sound, and lightsRoger Partridge
CostumesPeggy Halverson
Assistant Director and PropsMegan Siebrandt ChoreographyLiz McNea
Stage ManagementResa Fuller

Remaining shows

7:30 p.m. — Friday, July 13

7:30 p.m. — Saturday, July 14

2 p.m. — Sunday, July 15

Ticket price is $12 for adults, $6 for students

In a dream sequence, Mary Lennox (Tori Hampson) is comforted by her aunt, Lily Craven (Lauren Boyd) and father, Cpt. Albert Lennox (Darrian Adkins).
Archibald Craven (Samuel D. Aalberts) learns of his newfound guardianship of his niece Mary and ruminates over his dour household in "The House Upon the Hill.
Martha (Delaney Weeks), the manor maid, tries to warm Mary Lennox's (Tori Hampson) sour disposition after her first night living at Misselthwaite Manor.
Gardener Ben Weatherstaff (Chandler Todd) angrily confronts Mary Lennox (Tori Hampson) after finding her exploring the secret garden.
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