Spencer chiropractor serves at USA Track & Field Championships

Monday, July 9, 2018
Local chiropractor Lee Malmstrom was selected by the Iowa Chiropractic Society's Sports Chiropractic Committee as one of six doctors who worked in the athlete recovery area at the 2018 USA Track and & Field Outdoor Championships at Drake University's Knapp Center in Des Moines.
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For Spencer chiropractor Lee Malmstrom, working with the USA Track and Field team at the USA Track & Field Outdoor Championships at Drake University in Des Moines in June was an opportunity he will not forget soon.

"You don't appreciate how fast these athletes are unless you are there in person," Malmstrom said. "Just when they are running and doing the sprints, you don't realize that humans are capable of moving that fast. I am very hopeful we will be asked again. I liked the experience so much that even if I am not selected again to serve as a chiropractor, I might just go as a spectator. It was very meaningful for me because it is a special honor to be asked to work on those kind of high level athletes."

Malmstrom was one of six chiropractors selected by the Iowa Chiropractic Society's Sports Chiropractic Committee to work in the athlete recovery area. He said the opportunity allowed him to associate with other doctors from across the state and to make friends with some of the athletes he served.

"There was one athlete that definitely stood out," Malmstrom said. "She came in about two or three hours before her event and she had a new hip issue. She was frustrated with it and you could tell she was upset. I worked with her and spent a little extra time trying to get things right. She said she felt better after she left and I did some testing and she seemed to be doing better. I checked the standings later on that night and saw that she was 14 out of 16 people. I felt bad, but she was one of the first people I saw in the morning the next day and she was beaming. She had set a personal record and she was very happy."

Malmstrom stressed the experience differed from what he expected and mentioned how attune the athletes were to their bodies which impressed him.

"You expect these high level athletes to have perfect everything," Malmstrom said. "I walked in not knowing what to expect, but I knew these athletes take such good care of their body and mind that I thought it might be hard to find areas to work on to help them improve their performance. They are really not much different from a chiropractic perspective. We get them on the table and we can still feel issues in their spine, imbalances in their hips and I thought that would be really hard to find in some of these athletes, but it was really pretty simple."

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