‘There’s always hope for next year’

Sunday, July 8, 2018

In Spencer’s 2nd year of fireworks, complaints still high

As the Fourth of July holiday has come to a close, so have the many fireworks vendors and shows which seemed to linger throughout the past month. Looking at this year’s compliance with the city ordinance regarding fireworks, Spencer Police Chief Mark Waburton said similar to last year, there’s plenty of room for improvement in regards to compliance.

“I’ve been keeping track since the fireworks opened up and up through the Fourth of July we had 54 complaints,” Warburton said. “Basically, all we had was the illegally discharging of fireworks within the city. We’ve had a large volume of those, I think we’re up to 62 fireworks complaints through (Friday morning). I’m sure as vendors are starting to move out, our fireworks (calls) will go down drastically.”

Spencer Mayor Kevin Robinson said he was grateful for those who followed the fireworks ordinance during the Fourth of July holiday.

“I appreciate everyone’s compliance with the current ordinance and being respectful,” Robinson said.

Warburton said this year’s level of compliance was similar to last year’s, although he hoped compliance would grow as more people learn about the ordinance which bans first class consumer-grade fireworks from being discharged within the city limits.

“I haven’t seen any large reductions despite our strong attempts to get the message out,” Warburton said. “That’s disappointing. (After) this weekend then it’ll drop off, and (after July 8) it’s illegal (to discharge fireworks) out in the county as well.”

He continued: “We’re still new at this, but the whole state is. Hopefully we’re getting the message out and it will start taking hold. There’s always hope for next year.”

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