No surprises arise in primary canvass

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Results of the recent primary elections were unchanged after the Clay County Board of Supervisors and Clay County Auditor Marge Pitts reviewed the canvass results Tuesday morning. The canvass revealed there were no write-in victories and there were no close races decided or changed by the official count. A total of 1,996 ballots were cast in Clay County’s 12 precincts and through absentee ballots. The Republican Party featured the most ballots cast, at 1,401, followed by the Democratic Party at 588 and the Libertarian Party at seven.

County officials said the election went smoothly despite many new features including statewide security measures and voting machines.

“I would say that it was well attended and that most voters were informed as far as what they needed in order to cast their ballot which was good,” Pitts said. “The machines worked as they were supposed to, precinct workers were all in attendance. I didn’t have any trauma that way. From my standpoint, it was a good election.”

“It looked like a pretty fair turnout and sounded like the ladies (Pitts and Deputy Auditor Audrey Coffman) had the workers prepared,” Supervisor Chairman Barry Anderson said. “I think it went along very smoothly. Good election, and good turnout. It’s kind of hard on an in-between year, but I think things went along pretty seamlessly.”

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