Attending community events is a good way to find positivity

Monday, June 11, 2018

Time moves by so quickly, I often forget what day it is. My day is often defined by events instead of designated numbers. This deadline here, that feature there, pre-fair or post-fair. I use this same event-based timeline with my friends or family. A summer or winter is often remembered through the special event which takes place.

The last few summers Iíve lived in Spencer, summer has been defined by Flagfest. While the sunburn on my head will heal eventually, the festive feeling present for Flagfest is something I wish would stay more ingrained on me. This weekend had an air of the carefree summertime I can just barely remember from being a kid. It was probably the parade that did it. With all the doom, gloom and sadness that people seem drawn to, itís a nice reprieve to spend time in a place where there are smiling faces and plenty of laughter heard in the background. Thatís what summer is all about.

Itís a great reminder by being among the community, of how much positivity you can experience by just walking around and talking to people. Aside from the countless friendly faces I ran into this weekend, I also met a pet duck and watched a rock band play Lenny Kravitz songs. Hardly a bad day for being on the job.

Community events like Flagfest seem to set the tone for the season, but weíll never quite get that feeling if we stay home. If youíre new to the community or anxious for whatever reason about being social in Spencer, I highly recommend being among the community during a big event. Itíll put a smile on your face.