CC-E school board approves hire of new Spanish teacher

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

EVERLY The Clay Central-Everly School Board approved the hiring of a new Spanish teacher, Elizabeth Naviaux, Monday night in Everly. The hire addresses an issue brought up by several community members at the community meeting conducted in April.

Naviaux was hired at a salary of $38,539 per year. Her contract will begin on Aug. 15 and she will teach the district's Spanish classes, an agriculture class at the high school and an agriculture exploratory class at the middle school as well as providing assistance in the At-Risk program.

"Our community meeting got us that teacher," school board member Denny Dalen said. "That was a direct result of our community meeting."

CC-E superintendent Dennis McClain said most of the feedback he has received about the community meeting has been positive and the board discussed continuing the effort into the future as an annual event.

"I think as far as the meeting goes, there are some parents who want to just make sure we are getting some direction," school board President Brian Schmidt said. "That we are exploring options."

The school board approved a lump-sum payment of $18,911.94 from the capital projects fund to Clay County for drainage improvements made benefitting the property owned by the school district.

"The county came in and said we need to prompt better drainage in this area so we are going to put in this drainage system," McClain said. "As landowners whoever's land we cross, they are going to pay for that improvement. It is not just us, it is all landowners who received services. We live in a flat area and we have water that settles so this is supposed to help with that a little bit.

He continued, "They gave us an option of paying it over 20 years at 5 percent interest or an additional $9,537.66 or we can pay it in one payment. We have plenty of money in capital projects so there is no reason to pay almost $10,000 in interest to spread it out."

The school board also renewed the cooperative food purchasing agreement.

"We just approve the cooperative food purchasing agreement annually," McClain said. "It is just a means of us going out and purchasing our food through a co-op instead of through a particular vendor. They pull all the food in from different vendors or areas and then the schools can utilize that food at a less expensive cost."

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