Little Sioux, Ocheyedan to crest Tuesday night under flood warning

Tuesday, April 24, 2018
The Little Sioux and Ocheyedan rivers are expected to crest in minor flood stage Tuesday at 12.9 feet and 8.8 feet respectively. While both city and federal officials stated they are keeping an eye on the water levels, they did not expect them to be a concern as the Ocheyedan near Spencer is expected to return to normal levels by Saturday, and the Little Sioux near Spencer is currently projected to continue its decline out of its minor flood stage into the weekend. “As we get warm and the snow is melting, that’s all draining into the rivers and making things run pretty high,” said Tim Masters, technician with the National Weather Service Sioux Falls office. “If you’ve got property along the river, don’t go trying to go across the river. It might be deeper than you think. It only takes a few inches of water to sweep things away. ... With minor flooding, I doubt it’ll affect someone’s house, mainly just the farm fields along the river, and (it’s) not a good time to go fishing — the water’s pretty cold anyway. I think as we melt all the snow away, and the water goes down probably by late this week or early next week things should settle down.” City officials agreed the levels are not expected to be a threat to the public. “The projected flood level creates minimal problems for the city of Spencer,” Spencer Public Works Director Mark White said.
Photo by Joseph Hopper

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