Letter to the Editor

Wind turbines

Monday, March 26, 2018

A couple of weeks ago, at the Clay Republican County Convention, it finally hit me up side of my head why our battle against the devastating and treacherous encroachment of wind turbines here in our county has been LOST! Ignorance! About 30 were in attendance, but only one (me) felt the need to establish a reasonable distance to protect the property of those who do not want a wind turbine in sight!

At the county convention we review and update the party platform (the guts of being a Republican) and I proposed that, as Republicans, we need to protect the rights of private citizens from the intrusion of wind turbines by setting minimum distances a neighbor can build from other peoples property. I made a motion to set a minimum distance of a half-mile from private property and 1 mile from an established residence, (most would agree a reasonable distance) but was greeted with a vigorous rebuttal from one of our supervisors who is an outspoken fan of wind!

That ignorance is aided and abetted by the LIES of APEX, Alliant, our board of supervisors, the media and, unfortunately, our elected officials led by Sen. Charles Grassley who was personally responsible for the continuation of massive government subsidies that should have expired years ago.

The most respected conservative Republican in the history of Iowa was made famous by his embracement of "whistle blowers" who exposed government waste, especially during his first five terms, but has now morphed into a mere shill for the wind industry! Yes, the senate's most famous deficit hawk has become a full-fledged denizen of "the swamp" with his slavish devotion ("wind subsidies will end over my dead body") to perhaps the biggest waste of my money (taxpayer dollars) in our nations history.

Wind will NEVER compete in a free energy market without massive government subsidies! In fact, the fossil fuel expended for construction, erection, maintenance and the cost of keeping fossil fuel plants online when the wind stops will NEVER be recovered over the life of the turbine. These facts are NOT disputed by the wind industry.

So, here's my advice for 27 of you who attended the county convention, (I exclude myself and the two supervisors blinded by the expected tax revenue from the turbines) go stand 1,150 from an operating wind turbine and ask yourselves "Would I want to live there." Look ahead 10 years when ALL subsides are removed, and ask yourselves "Is this how I want to view the Iowa landscape for the rest of my life?" When subsidies end, they (wind turbines) will simply be abandoned and left as stark reminders of the "legacy" of our current board of supervisors.

Our board believes APEX (Alliant) will, once the turbine dies either naturally or when subsidies expire, completely dismantle the turbine including grinding the top 4 feet of concrete of the base as the contract specifies. When pigs fly!

Jerry Crew, Webb