Letter to the Editor

How do we judge?

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Character Matters is a program presented to students to show them the importance of monitoring their judgment and behavior to meet accepted social standards.

March For Our Lives is a movement by our youth to show their concern for their security. It encourages actions, not words in the behavior of our legislators in response to the many school shootings. Thoughts and prayers arenít enough.

We can learn much from our children. It starts with how we access proper and acceptable behavior in our friends, associates and political choices. In the adult world here are some of the accepted social standards:

Be truthful, do not lie ó avoid being boastful ó be faithful to your spouse ó be respectful of others ó donít bully ó donít be mean spirited ó accept advice of knowledgeable associates ó consider consequences of actions taken ó donít refuse to pay bills or debt ó avoid racist words or actions ó donít force unwanted physical contact ó donít seek revenge against those who disagree with you, and finally seek to be known for your honesty and integrity.

Our hope for the future lies in the spirit and actions of our children. Their judgment and ours as adults will determine the pathway of our lives.

Robert Sneitzer, Spirit Lake