Finding more in the Lordís Prayer

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Throughout the season of Lent in our church, we will be preaching a sermon series on the Lordís Prayer, so we wanted to share some ideas which come from that we believe might prove to be useful to you and your household in the practice of praying this very special prayer given to Jesusí followers:
1. Think of it as a "choke" to get a cold engine started. Recite the Lord's Prayer to "warm your spirit" so that you can more easily enter into other praying and meditation.
2. Pray it, thinking about the meaning of each petition. Ask yourself questions such as, "With this line, what am I asking God to do?" "What am I (or should I be) offering of myself in making this petition?" "Which petitions are the hardest for me to really mean when I pray them ó and why?" "What do I need to rethink, redo or repent of in light of what I am requesting?" "What else should I pray for as a result?"
3. Use its lines as the topics of a prayer journal. Keep notes under each petition about how you have responded to, changed, gained new understanding or still need to learn about the subjects of that petition.
4. Use it as a model for your own prayers.
5. Pray it when your mind rebels against praying your own prayers. Praying something is better than praying nothing.
6. Pray it when your heart is aching so bad that you can't form your own petitions. It may become a channel through which God's Spirit can flow to you.
7. Make it a rallying point for family devotions. Your kids can learn it by saying it with you.
8. Let it be a shorthand way to teach your kids about talking to God. Just as you say to them, "I love you," and teach them to say it to you without explaining what it means, so you teach them about God when you help them recite the Lord's Prayer, even without explaining it.

May we all be about the practice of prayer as we make our journey toward the cross. No matter your age, prayer draws you closer to the heart of God in Christ!