Royal council discusses cell tower interest

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

ROYAL — During Monday night’s Royal City Council meeting, council members discussed recent interest by two entities in constructing a cellphone tower within or near the city limits of Royal.

“Out of the blue we received a letter from ‘1 Source Towers,’ a Florida based company,” Royal City Clerk Barb Fletcher said.

Fletcher then read the letter detailing the company’s interest.

“We’re interested in constructing a wireless telecommunications tower on your city park property located along Park Street to provide more reliable wireless service to the area,” Fletcher said.

Fletcher also shared recent correspondence with the Royal Telephone Company about their own consideration in constructing a cellphone tower in the area.

“I talked to John Noah, (general manager) at the Royal Phone company, today I sent him an email and he hasn’t gotten anything definite,” Fletcher said. “(An email said) ‘The board of directors of the Royal Telephone Company are considering constructing a tower for cellular companies to collate. This would be good for residents in and around Royal as well as those traveling through the area that rely on cellular service. I’ve reached out to Verizon ... AT&T and Sprint. Placement of the (potential) tower is pending feedback from the cellular companies.’”

Council members and Royal Mayor Fluff Ihry were hopeful for interest in Royal having a cellular tower to continue.

“It’s something we really need in this town,” Ihry said. “There has to be an answer somewhere to get something in this area.”

After discussion, no action regarding cellular towers was taken during the meeting. Future discussion or any potential action will occur at a future Royal City Council meeting.

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