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Thursday, January 25, 2018
Clay County Naturalist Bree Blom gave a short presentation on owls to Johnson Elementary students Thursday. Following the presentation, Blom provided owl pellets for the students to dissect. (Below) Johnson first-grade teacher Brenda Griffin assisted student Riley Hoben in the dissection of her owl pellet. Hoben found a mouse skull in the pellet. (Photos by Colin Van Westen)

First-grade students dissect owl pellets

Clay County Naturalist Bree Blom began her owl presentation to Johnson Elementary School first-grade students Thursday by asking what they knew about owls.

"Owl babies are called owlets," Aaliyah Macarthy answered.

"They can see in the dark," Damion Rohrbough responded.

Blom offered a few other facts in the presentation, and then allowed students the chance to dig in and become scientists for the day by dissecting owl pellets. The presentation and dissection took place in six Johnson Elementary classrooms throughout the morning and afternoon.

"The kids love it," Blom said. "They always do, but it is always great when they can be a scientist and pull some puke apart. They can figure out what the owl ate that day. Kids these days do not get out in nature. They don't get exposed as much as I did as a kid. That's why it is great to get the kids exposed."

Johnson first-grade teacher Julie Hansen pointed out that Blom's program fits into the student's science curriculum.

"We have an upcoming unit on organisms which is all about living things and their habitats," Hansen said. "Also, we learn about how they survive. Bree comes this time of year and teaches us about owls and it is very interesting to the kids and gives them an introduction to living things, their environment and what they eat. It is kind of fun because she is really involved with things and gets the kids involved."

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