Sirens - January 22

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Booked into Clay County Jail

Jan. 12 Morgan Jean Paulson, 20, Estherville

Judgment entry

Failure to appear

Jan. 12 Robert Joseph Dale Clinkenbeard, 32, Milford

Disorderly conduct loud noise

Jan. 12 Benjamin Joseph Doyle, 39, Milford

Judgment entry

Jan. 13 Challer Douglas Wadsley, 23, Spencer

Temporary hold

Jan. 13 Joshua Joe Thompson, 39, Newell

Temporary hold

Jan. 14 Brent Lee Elgersma, 43, Sanborn

Judgment entry

Jan. 14 Christopher Eugene Marble, 29, Spencer

Judgment entry

Jan. 15 Beau Jonathon Mason, 22, Spencer

Judgment entry

Jan. 15 Steven Edward McClain, 46, Spencer

Fifth-degree theft

Jan. 15 Casey Allen Pomeroy, 34, Ruthven

Judgment entry

Jan. 15 Justice James Bigley, 25, Primghar

OWI, first offense

Use ECD while driving

Possession of drug paraphernalia

Jan. 16 Priscilla Marie Garza, 29, Everly

Arrest warrant

Jan. 16 Coty Thomas Bridge, 23, Spencer

Disturbing the peace

Harassment of public official

Jan. 17 Matthew Josiah Howe, 25, Spencer

Third-degree burglary

Jan. 17 Tessa Grace Bendlin, 26, Spencer

Fifth-degree theft

Possession of controlled substance

Possession of drug paraphernalia

Jan. 17 Wendy Lea Rosenwinkle, 48, Mallard

Temporary hold

Jan. 18 Chase Douglas Peterson, 24, Spencer

Driving license denied/revoked OWI

Possession of controlled substance 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Possession of drug paraphernalia

Contraband/WPN Correctional facility

Jan. 18 Maria DeLos Angelas Loera, 19, Spencer

Possession of drug paraphernalia

Possession of controlled substance

Jan. 18 Aaron Michael Merry, 38, Tucson, Arizona

Judgment entry


Sept. 15

2:48 p.m.Property damageFourth Avenue East and East Ninth St.
4 p.m.Hit and runFifth Street and Grand Avenue
5:53 p.m.Personal injury2400 block of 300th Street

Sept. 16

9:58 a.m.Property damageEast Eighth Street and Ninth Avenue East
12:13 p.m.Property damageJunction U.S. Highways 71 and 18
12:59 p.m.Property damageEast 13th Street and Fairview Avenue
4:42 p.m.Property damage1000 block of 11th Avenue West
5:01 p.m.Personal injury2800 block of 310th Avenue
7:07 p.m.Property damage2700 block of Highway Boulevard

Sept. 17

8:08 a.m.Property damageThird Street and Grand Avenue
9:01 a.m.Property damageThird Avenue East and East Ninth Street

Sept. 18

4:52 p.m.Property damage10th Avenue East and East Milwaukee
5:16 p.m.Property damageEast 18th Street and First Avenue East
6:43 p.m.Property damage3300 block of U.S. Highway 18
7:37 p.m.Vehicle in ditch2800 block of 340th Street