Letter to the Editor

Subsidies for wind turbines

Monday, January 15, 2018

What happens after? This is a question that is with us throughout our lifetime. My first memory is a yellow school bus wondering what will happen after it stops for my first day of school. From that point on, life is a series of what happens after — grade school, high school, college, military service, marriage, children, unfortunately, in my case, divorce, remarriage, children, grand children, retirement and eventually death. The good news is I, because of my faith in Jesus Christ, know where I'll be after death. I’ll be joining friends, family and even a few enemies in heaven — NOT for anything I've done, but by Grace alone.

What happens AFTER congress finally decides to eliminate ALL (including the $.027/kwh Production Tax Credit) subsidies for wind turbines? Taxes collected by the county for the turbine and the $10,000/turbine payment to landowners will end immediately. Maintenance of operational turbines will end — once it stops it stays stopped!

What's left? Ugliness! Pure and simple! Oh sure Alliant (or whoever owns the albatross) will scavenge some of the valuable components, but the turbine and tower will be there for eternity desecrating the tranquility and beauty of our landscape. I guess we should be thankful "flicker" and the noise will be gone.

I, quite frankly, wonder how those landowners who greedily "sold the farm" for $10,000/year/turbine will answer the next generation when asked why? And, I assure you, either I or my heirs will guarantee this fiasco becomes the legacy of the current board of supervisors in Clay and Dickinson counties! Why? Their failure to establish reasonable distances from neighboring private property for erection of a wind turbine and complete indifference to the property rights of we citizens who want them nowhere in sight!

— Jerry Crew, Webb