A new city manager for 2018

Tuesday, January 9, 2018
Spencer City Manager Amanda Mack began her first official day as city manager Monday. Mack previously served the city of Canton, South Dakota, as city manager before she accepted the Spencer position which had been vacant since Bob Fagen stepped down in May 2017. (Photo by Joseph Hopper)

Amanda Mack assumes new role

Spencer City Manager Amanda Mack began service to the community in her first day as city manager Monday. Macks official start ends the seven-month journey that began when former City Manager Bob Fagen resigned in May. Mack was able to acclimate herself to Spencer slowly through a part-time advisory role which began in mid-December, during which she also attended key planning meetings.

Im excited to be here, Mack said. It has been a long time since I interviewed, and Im happy to be here and get moved as a family. I am truly excited about whats in the works, whats on the horizon and how I can be a resource for the staff working on those projects and being a positive force for Spencer.

Spencer is the third community she has served in an administrative capacity.

I was an administrator in Worthing, South Dakota, manager in Canton, South Dakota, and now Im here, Mack said.

Macks start will also end the temporary duties of Deputy City Manager Brian Weuve, who served as interim city manager following Fagens departure.

I think she will be great new leadership for the city, Weuve said. Well see where we go from here. It will be great to work with her (going forward).

Mack spoke highly of her new community, detailing a day where she met community members with City Councilman Bill Orrison.

I spent one full day with Bill Orrison, and he took myself and Kevin (Robinson, the new mayor,) around and met business owners, bank presidents, local people in the community, Mack said. It was fantastic. When you go through an interview, everyone always says how great everything is but everyone just talked so highly on the community and how they work together to get things done it was a great feeling.

The new manager also addressed her first focus in her new position economic development.

Theres a lot of work to get done as far as economic development and growth, Mack said. It will be a good challenge to work on with the corridor, and I think I have a lot to bring to the table. Obviously as I get more acclimated to the community and the role, Ill get to other things.

Mack also spoke of the challenges shes looking forward to tackling.

Part of the challenge right now is growing those (community) relationships, not just (in) the business sector, Mack said. I would say there are probably more opportunities in Spencer than challenges, which is a challenge.

She also encouraged community members to reach out and communicate their thoughts and ideas with her as she settles into her new role.

I have an open door (policy), Mack said. If anyone wants to talk to me or give me a call, if you have an idea, I want to hear. A lot of good ideas come from places you might not expect them to.

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