The title game

Sunday, January 7, 2018

I promise Iíll keep this brief because there simply isnít all that much to say.

Weíve got to SEC teams in the College Football Playoff National Championship, and Ö well, itís a bummer.

As far as depth is concerned, the SEC was arguably the worst conference in the country, yet the ĎDogs and Tide made it into the playoff and won their games.

If an outcome like this doesnít get the powers that be to realize they need an eight-team playoff, nothing will.

The B1G went out and took care of business (apart from the fighting Harbaughs who went down in a hilarious blaze of second-half self-destruction devastating enough to make Andy Reid blush), but it didnít get a chance at national title representation.

Completely absurd.

But weíre here now, and this is what we get.

Iím a human being with a pulse, so Iím pulling for Georgia. I also think theyíre the better team.

The only problem is that Nick Saban guy usually has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Unfortunately for Saban, seven days simply isnít enough to prepare for a football game despite the fact every team in the country does it 10-13 weeks a year.

ďItís very difficult to come from a bowl game with seven days to prepare,Ē the Bama coach said. ďThis is, I think some kind of way someone has to think about (whatís good for) the players, and not whatís convenient for the media or TV or whatever.Ē

First off, Saban should be gushing with thanks after his team slipped into the CFP in the first place.

Secondly, the players just took a month off before that last game, and they make the one week turnaround all season long. Iím sure theyíre happy to play.

Thirdly, a guy coaching athletes that work for free while making $11.125 million a year due to massive media contracts canít legitimately complain about the effect of TV on the game or the well being of his aforementioned free labor force.

On the plus side, it has all the makings of a good, physical game, and tabbing Kendrick Lamar for a halftime performance is a smart move.

My official pick: Georgia 27, Bama 24, and we all get to enjoy a pouty Nick Saban press conference.