Downtown businesses enjoy ‘merry’ Christmas, holiday season

Monday, January 1, 2018
Joanne Schar purchases a few pastries from Paul Thompson at Carroll’s Bakery on Friday. Many downtown businesses noted that the 2017 Christmas and holiday season was positive. (Photo by Joseph Hopper)

Local downtown businesses noted a positive holiday retail season to close out 2017.

“This was a great season, it went fabulous,” said Peggy Andreasen, sales clerk at Kari’s.

Spencer businesses credited strong community support as well as new consumers shopping in the area as two reasons for the positive year.

“Christmas season was good, the year was pretty good, can’t complain at all,” said Dustin Grossnickle, owner of Brown’s Shoe Fit Co. “I know a couple stores have gone away, but our community really supports downtown. I think the way we do things, each store has a hometown feel that’s becoming more important to the millennial-type shopper.”

Others also credited the weather.

“Our Christmas season went very well, we didn’t have any snowstorms,” said Paul Thompson, co-owner of Carroll’s Bakery. “We probably sent out 30 dozen butterdeij the week before Christmas. ... Our sales are up, we’ll have a very good year.”

“Everyone was really good about coming out, it was great to see familiar and unfamiliar faces this season,” Andreasen said.

Interior designer Kalei Joynt, of Steffen Furniture, suggested community awareness about the depth of inventory in the area also played a role in the good holiday turnout.

“It was really nice actually, there were a lot of people in,” Joynt said. “It’s nice to see people in the downtown too. We had different people (shopping) that hadn’t been downtown shopping before, I think people are more aware that shops downtown have what they need, or can get what they’re looking for.”

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