Letter to the Editor

Upland Prairie Wind

Sunday, December 10, 2017

It's too late! We've been told all the necessary contracts have been signed, permits issued and all the Ts have been crossed and Is dotted for that #$^&%$@$% abomination known as Upland Prairie Wind now owned by Alliant Energy. And, it's a done deal! By the end of next year, we'll have 121 of those disgusting, noisy bird killers twirling merrily along (if wind blows hard enough) because of greed!

Greed of the boards of supervisors in Clay and Dickinson counties licking their chops on the increased revenue so they can spend more without any consideration for we citizens who would prefer "a stick in the eye" to a wind turbine! And the greed of selfish landowners seeing only dollar signs ($10,000/turbine/year) in their eyes. Neighbor? Huh? Who cares! It's my God-given right to do whatever I want with my personal property so screw you!

Too late? Wonder what a lawsuit against the board of supervisors, who refused to change the separation distances established many years ago for turbines one-fourth the size of today's behemoths, would do? How about a lawsuit against Alliant for misrepresenting the project to absentee landowners who had no clue how the decision would impact their neighbors?

I've never been a fan of lawyers and lawsuits, but we now have no other option. I would gladly sue the #%$^^$#$#$%^s, but I'm not close enough to even see the turbines so my lawsuit would be laughed out of court! However, I would urge any and all of you who are unhappy with this fiasco to research your legal options and take action. Can't afford it? Believe me there are plenty of us who will assist in any serious lawsuit!

Jerry Crew, Webb