A ‘fair-ly’ big event

Monday, September 11, 2017

So it’s finally here. We’ve enjoyed a great deal of build up and now it’s finally upon us.

No, I’m not talking about the annual football showdown for the pride of Iowa between the Hawkeyes and Cyclones; nor am I referencing the start of the NFL season — both huge events in my personal life.

I’m of course referencing the 100-year celebration of the “World’s Greatest County Fair.” Jeremy Parsons and his staff at the Clay County Fair and Events Center have pulled out all the stops to ensure their 300,000-plus guests have a spectacular time over the nine-day event.

It’s time to break out the walking shoes and aching muscle cream as we work our way around the grounds to enjoy the wide variety of foods, vendors, events, attractions and entertainment the fair has to offer ... and did I mention, the food?

With everything going on I would think it nearly impossible to take it all in over the course of a single day. Still, like many joining us from out of town we will all do our best to try and enjoy all the centennial celebration has to offer.

Once again, I want to make an appeal to everyone on the grounds — whether serving in a volunteer capacity of some sort, working as a paid employee, or simply enjoying the festivities with family, friends and thousands of unmet friends — please be an ambassador for Clay County.

The fair board and staff has made every effort to put the best face forward by presenting a product worthy of being recognized as one of the state’s top tourist attractions. As area residents, we can compliment their planning and effort by being the kind of citizens Clay County is known for. That means to offer up a smile, well wishes and help when necessary. We want those visiting us from out of the area to think fondly of our little slice of northwest Iowa.

It is really one thing we can do as a community for the economic development and well-being of our region. Sure, we may not all be wheeler-dealers who can make the big business deals happen. We may not all have substantial pieces of land to lend toward bringing in a new business development. But we can all be the best versions of ourselves by representing the area well to all who would come to share our Clay County Fair experience with us.

For all those visiting our town, enjoy your stay. We look forward to you visiting for years to come. For the locals, keep extending a friendly handshake and warm smile to let our guests know how much we appreciate them stopping by.

And let’s all get back together about this same time next year. We don’t need to use the centennial as a reason to celebrate this great fair in 2018.