BVU alumna raises awareness to human trafficking in Nepal

Thursday, August 10, 2017
Hannah Zimmerman recently traveled to Nepal to learn about human trafficking issues. (Photo submitted)

Former Buena Vista University student Hannah Zimmerman originally from Council Bluffs has recently traveled to Kathmandu, Nepal. Zimmerman has spent the last five years researching and looking into human trafficking.

Nepal is a common area for people to be human trafficked and taken into countries like India, Asia and the Middle East. Since its a little land locked country, people find work in surrounding countries.

“I got some background information on human trafficking and really wanted to help the people affected,” Zimmerman said.

She did research on it and came across a book that brought attention to Nepal's human trafficking problem.

In the book “Sold” by Patricia McCormick, a young girl is thought to be going to India to work as a maid to make money for her family back home in Nepal. The girl ended up being sold into prostitution.

This was an issue that really motivated her to donate her time. Zimmerman’s ultimate goal is to move to Nepal and work with teens. She would not have been so interested in this work if it wasn't for the connections she made in Storm Lake.

Zimmerman got involved with the Bridge of Storm Lake when she was at BVU as well as connected with pastors from different churches in the community. The Rev. James Roland, of Hope Evangelical Church in Storm Lake, has gone to Nepal as well and has helped Zimmerman connect with other people going as well.

The purpose of going to Nepal is to try and understand what life is like over there and the human trafficking problem in countries in the Middle East. Zimmerman has brought back information and she recently spoke to the Storm Lake Hy-Noon Kiwanis about.

Zimmerman talked about her travels to Nepal and educated them on human trafficking as well as the economy, languages and religion of Nepal. “They wanted to understand what it's like and how it happens,” Zimmerman said.

Her goal like many others in our community is to educate our community on what is happening in other countries. We see some human trafficking here in the United States but it's nothing compared to these Middle Eastern countries.

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