McDonald’s temporarily closed following Friday collision

Monday, August 7, 2017
An accident involving multiple cars and an electrical transformer near the drive-thru shut McDonald’s down for a couple of hours Friday during the evening dinner hour. No injuries were reported but total damage estimates surpassed $20,000. (Photo by Joseph Hopper)

The McDonald’s location in south Spencer was forced to close its doors for a couple of hours during its normally busy dinner hours Friday after a driver’s misstep resulted in a collision with two vehicles and a transformer.

Based on information provided by the Spencer Police Department, shortly after 5 p.m., Darlene Prather, 92, of Spencer, was attempting to park a 2008 Ford Fusion in a parking spot near the restaurant when she allegedly hit the gas pedal instead of the brake in her vehicle.

The Fusion drove up over a sidewalk, through some landscaping, running over the drive-thru call box before colliding with a pair of vehicles — a 2000 Mercury Sable operated by Larae Pemberton, 52, of Spencer, and a 2009 Toyota Yaris operated by Robert Leth, 61, of May City — who were attempting to order food in the drive-thru area. Parther’s car continued moving until it struck an electrical transformer. Contact with the piece of electrical equipment stopped the Fusion but resulted in heavy damage to the transformer leading to the leakage of an unidentified fluid onto the ground

Both Pemberton and Leth told the investigating officer they were sitting in the drive-thru lane when “out-of-nowhere” they were struck by the Fusion.

The two drivers noted that they did not have time to get the vehicles out of the way to avoid the contact.

No injuries were reported at the scene.

Damage estimates included $1,000 to the drive-thru speaker, $8,000 to the electrical transformer, $7,000 to the Fusion, $4,000 to the Sable and $800 to the Yaris.

No citation was listed in the report.

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