Australia, flora and fauna

Monday, August 7, 2017

Is there a place, maybe a country or area, where you’d just say “nope,” and never travel there? Many people might list places in war torn countries, but the place on the top of my “nope” list is Australia. Every time I read about someone dying via wildlife it’s always in Australia.

I’ve got no idea how anyone lives there, given that everything in the country/continent is always trying to kill you. Kangaroos? They’ll disembowel you with a kick. Living in the city? Try not to get bit by a venomous funnel-web spider on your way to get groceries. Koalas? They’ll probably just make a face at you.

Back to the point. The newest animal attack I’ve heard about came from an Australian guy who wanted to dip his feet in the ocean, and then found out that meat eating sea lice were in the same water, and started to “munch” on his legs. They couldn’t even get his legs to stop bleeding until they made it to the hospital. How do people survive in Australia? You can’t even swim in the shallows without some deadly creature attacking you.

I’m grateful to live in a place where I don’t have to worry about the wilderness attacking me as soon as I step outside. I guess we do have deer that loiter in the roads constantly, but other than the weather, the daily threats to our existence aren’t nearly as bad as in other places. If Iowa ever gets kangaroos though, I’m moving to Antarctica.