Letter to the Editor

Sanctuary cities

Sunday, July 9, 2017

I vowed to not respond to every insane column written by the lads passing themselves off as newsmen at the Reporter, but Colin Van Weston (Colin You Out) “Feds should continue funding to sanctuary cities” makes me wonder if he truly believes the crap he writes! Does he believe we get to pick and choose which laws we obey? Does the government not have the right to deny funding to sanctuary cities who clearly violate federal law? The article implies he does which is, for all intents and purposes, anarchy!

But, I suppose like all good (an anachronism when referring to) liberals, he truly believes the pap put out by the mayors of these sanctuary cities — they’re doing this to protect the longtime illegals who now call our country their home! They’re doing it only to get their votes! If they were truly concerned with their welfare, they’d have programs encouraging them to become legal!

Here’s the reality (most liberals don’t understand the concept) of sanctuary cities — illegals who break our laws run to them to avoid being held responsible for their crimes! And, they can thumb their noses at law enforcement, and consequently, at our country which, according to Colin, is laudable and should be made legal!

I reject my taxpayer dollars being used illegally! Thank God President Trump will, I hope, stop this insane use of tax dollars!

A final question — how many of these cities are controlled by Republicans?

— Jerry Crew, Webb