Letter to the Editor

To the superintendent of Spencer Schools

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

You have a wonderful new facility for students and for their programs.

It was a nice program for service rendered and retirees. Honoring of Mr. Tim Bates was something well deserved.

The honor of being honored for 40 years as custodian for Spencer High School.

Tim was the type of individual who did what was asked of him and did work when someone else needed to be away.

Itís very seldom that you will find someone who would put that many years doing custodial work.

The amount of money spent on the school addition was tremendous and in good use.

I feel the award for 40 years of service was a disgrace and embarrassment to Tim Bates self esteem and to the family and friends. There certainly was something that would have been appropriate for this situation.

There certainly was not much thought in choosing of the award. Those in charge of the event should be ashamed.

ó Bob Johnson, Spencer