Letter to the Editor

Disproportionate coverage

Monday, May 29, 2017

For the most part, Joe Hopper’s report on supervisor meeting yesterday was fairly accurate, but I think he needs a primer course on counting! Four weeks ago he said “approximately 18” attended when in reality the number was much higher, and he estimated the attendance yesterday as “more than 60” acknowledging the meeting room was packed, but he failed to mention a lot were also in the hallway.

I felt Hopper gave a disproportionate coverage to Connie Dykstra-Swan whose two-minute dissertation on the “beauty and blessing” of wind turbines was the only sour note in a meeting lasting almost an hour! He completely neglected the remarks of Jay Clasing, of Ruthven, who pointed out much of the contentiousness could be avoided if those erecting the wind turbines had practiced a good neighbor policy. I wonder how many of you who have signed up for a wind turbine checked with your “neighbor” before doing so? Any?

Supervisor Anderson wonders if he is supposed to send out a survey asking Clay County residents their opinion on wind turbines in their backyard. My answer is yes! Your function is to serve your constituents — all of them! Not just those wanting to put up a turbine who, quite frankly, do not have a right to interfere with my farming operation or lessen my property value just because of their greed and the supervisor greed for more tax money!

I want each supervisor to stand in front of an operating wind turbine at 1,250 feet, and then ask yourselves “Would I be willing build a home and live here?” Think carefully before you answer!

— Jerry Crew, Webb