Bates to help maintain, move community forward if elected councilman

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Maintaining the community and ensuring Spencer does not slip back into former issues is the main platform of Spencer City Council Ward 4 candidate Duane Bates. An interest in city politics, as well community involvement, led Bates to throw his hat in the ring when the opportunity was presented.

"To be, I believe, a good councilman, you've got to take what is presented in front of you, take a look at it, assess what the information is, reach out to the people in Ward 4 and city of Spencer and try to determine what is best for the community." Bates said.

He went on to say that it is imperative for any City Council member to have common sense and fiscal responsibility, both are qualities he believes he possesses.

To stress that point, he mentioned his history of community involvement, which includes his current position on the Spencer Planning and Zoning Board. Bates also stated that he has a strong history of volunteer work with the community.

"Whether it is young activity, adult things, being part of service club and all those kinds of things, it is part of being a good citizen of the city of Spencer," Bates said.

His service history includes membership with the Jaycees, Lions Club, Kiwanis and participation in youth organizations as a coach or referee. He was proud to say that he takes it upon himself to volunteer whenever asked to help run a program or volunteer for a sporting event.

"I always say I'll help. Particularly now all my kids are grown and I am looking for things to do," Bates added.

When asked about his main focus for the position, he mentioned maintaining and moving forward with housing development to encourage businesses to come to Spencer. Bates cited the recent housing developments and the positive impact it has made on the community, stating that living space is required before businesses can come to the area.

"They (companies) were worried about housing and where they're going to live. I think this past year and a half or so, with the housing developments and extra apartments going up, I think I would address those issues," Bates said.

He went on to say that he would like to focus on helping the community to avoid moving backwards at any point in time. He noted that the local hospital, school district and law enforcement do good work to encourage the community continuing to move forward.

"People want to live here for those reasons. So instead of going backward, maintaining what we have and moving forward with that. Hopefully we can draw in some businesses that will accommodate and see the needs that we have and then we can present our stuff to them," Bates said.

In addition, he mentioned that he would like to use his position on the economic development board to provide input for building the city from a fiscal stand point.

"There has got to be some assets out there and contacts we can reach out to as a community. And I am pretty sure we are doing that now. So being a part of that and maintaining what is drawing somebody to come to Spencer," Bates said.

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