Spencer Max Yield accepts only soybeans

Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Max Yield grain elevator in Spencer will no longer be accepting corn and will now accept only soybeans.

Harry Bormann, grain team leader at Max Yield, explained that after the Anderson Grain Facilities were purchased by Max Yield in May, the company began to discuss efficiency at the elevator. Bormann said that the decision to stop accepting corn was made this fall.

"I think our work to utilize the Spencer facility is the best way to keep it a viable facility" Bormann said.

Specifically, Bormann said that grain volumes were a major consideration.

"The bean volume has stayed steady while corn has been declining slowly," Bormann said, estimating that this has been the case for the last three to four years.

Bormann went on to say that the elevator in Spencer can hold approximately 500,000 bushels and Max Yield intends to fill it entirely with soybeans while channeling corn to the Everly facility.

"It's just simpler to go to Everly with corn. Everly's geared up for corn very well," Bormann said.

Bormann stressed that other Max Yield facilities near Spencer will continue to accept corn as well.

In addition to operating the elevator more efficiently, Bormann indicated that traffic issues played a role in the decision to accept only soybeans.

"Since that location sits in the center of the city, it's a lot of congestion to get our clients in and out of there," Bormann said.

According to Spencer City Manager Bob Fagen, rumors had been circulating that the city had called for the change at the elevator. Both Fagen and Mayor Reynold Peterson addressed the issue during this week's Spencer City Council meeting. Fagen began by saying that the city does not typically "chase down rumors" but, because the city was receiving criticism from the public, he chose to clarify that the city was not involved.

"The city did not say that people couldn't bring their corn over there. That was a planned thing on their (Max Yield's) part," Fagen said.

Peterson confirmed this was the case.

"I was asked about that. I didn't think it was true and I told the individual it wasn't true. But I did double check with Kirby (Schmidt, Spencer planning director). I also had the opportunity to be working over at Max Yield last Friday. I talked to the manager there and they have basically, for the public's information, decided that, to increase efficiency of operations, it will be a soybean only elevator and no corn buying will take place. This is Max Yield's decision to improve efficiency," Peterson said.

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