'Heir' Jordan

Saturday, April 11, 2015

This week certainly hasn't left me with a shortage of writing material in the world of sports. NCAA refs can't see, baseball finally started playing games that matter (we'll probably get to those new timing rule changes next week) and a jury went straight up 30 for 30 on the Boston Marathon bomber.

But, this being the first full week of April means it's officially golf season with the Masters teeing off down in Augusta.

If you're like most normal people, you probably think watching golf on TV is horrendously boring. However, the Masters always seems to provide just the right amount of drama to get even the most casual of golf fans intrigued.

This year, of course, is no different with the return of Tiger Woods after he walked off the course at the Farmers Insurance Open two months ago with back soreness and a chipping game that looked like my chipping game.

On day one Woods looked like he had fixed the shorter areas of his game, but his irons started looking like my irons. That led to some of my favorite Tiger stuff, namely him swearing at himself on live television. Why do they keep microphones so close to him anymore? The TV folks haven't figured this out yet? I mean, I think it's hilarious and awesome because his course talk sounds like my course talk (In case you haven't figured it out. I'm not great at golf.), but they can't turn those mics (is it mics or mikes? Whatever, you know what I mean.) off after he swings? Or do the five-second delay thing that Janet Jackson inspired?

After Tiger's second round, it looks like he's righted the ship enough to make a little noise in the tournament, but there's just no stopping the next big thing.

Twenty-one year old Jordan Spieth came within one stroke of tying the low-score record for any round of any major on Thursday. He followed it up by breaking the two-day Masters record. He's 14-under par going into the weekend. Fourteen. Fourteen!!

It's not like Spieth came out of nowhere this weekend. Everybody that pays any attention to golf has known this guy has basically been waiting in the wings to take over the sport. (Sorry, Rory. Nike and their $200 million still love you.)

But, holy cow is he destroying that course, and in doing so, he's officially seizing the throne.

I remember the first time I really watched Tiger dominate a major. It was in the Sioux Falls Best Buy. True story. He was just dump-trucking the field, doing stuff that's not even fair. Myself and the 10 other people watching a big screen they couldn't afford could feel the electricity.

That's what Spieth has been doing the first two rounds. Granted, having the lead after days one and two is much different than having it after day four, but he's on a completely different level. Thursday afternoon, while he had a slim lead over Ernie Els, he blasted his drive down the right side rough on 14, tucking himself behind a tree. My thoughts at that moment were, "Good. At least he's human." He responded by pulling out a long iron, fading it around the tree and rolling the ball into the pin nearly eagling the hole.

My thoughts were wrong.