Elderbridge to conduct public hearing March 4

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Elderbridge Agency on Aging will conduct a public hearing regarding its Elderbridge Agency Plan for State Fiscal Year 2016-17 at 1 p.m. Wednesday at the Elderbridge office in Fort Dodge.

According to Doug Merbach, communication specialist with Elderbridge, the agency's plan is a 44-page document they must submit to the state each year.

"This document explains what we at Elderbridge plan to do for the next year," Merbach said. "It is not a strategic plan, it is more of a funding plan. Right now it is just a draft because we may make changes after the public hearing."

"It is a two-year area plan, which primarily serves individuals ages 60 and older, that outlines what services we'll be funding, what objectives we hope to achieve and what funding dollars are available to us," Donell Doering, interim co-director of Elderbridge, explained. "It lays out our plan of action for the next two years."

She added, "The public hearing is a great opportunity for people to hear us talk about our services and what areas of focus we'll be concentrating on. It is a good time for questions and we can provide additional information and clarification. They can also react and tell us what needs they see as important for people ages 60 and older."

The public hearing is meant to gather comments and input from citizens in the 29-county Elderbridge service area, which includes Clay County. Citizens who live too far away from Fort Dodge to attend the meeting in person have alternative means in which they can submit comments and questions.

"They can call our regular number (641-424-0678) or our toll free number (1-800-243-0678) and extension 7003 and we will have a conference call going during the public hearing that those who call will be hooked into to submit comments or questions," Merbach explained. "If they want to, they can email questions and comments to me, and I will make sure they are read and presented at the meeting."

Comments and questions can be sent to dmerbach@elderbridge.org. The Elderbridge Area on Aging also has a contact form on its website where questions and comments can also be sent for the public hearing.

To receive a copy of the Elderbridge Agency Plan executive summary and table of contents, call Doug Merbach at 641-424-0678 extension 7079.

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