CC-E raises free and reduced driver's ed fee

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

After voting a month ago to keep the full price of driver's education at $275, the Clay Central-Everly school board voted to raise the free-and-reduced driver's education fee from $41 to $110.

"I did some more research and spoke with the Department of Education," said Dennis McClain, superintendent at CC-E. "I told her about how we figured out the free and reduced fee we had been using. She told me there was no set formula for determining the reduced amount for the driver's ed fee."

Other schools McClain researched had their free and reduced fee anywhere from 40 percent to $100 less than the full price.

According to his calculations, 40 percent of the full driver's ed fee is $110, 50 percent is $137.50 and a flat $100 off of the full price is $175.

"Following the formula, which is what we had been doing, the reduced price was $41," McClain said.

He noted that those who cannot afford to pay the entire reduced rate in one up-front payment can work out a payment plan with the district. This policy was in place when the reduced rate was $41, and will continue with the increased rate of $110.

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