Park board approves temporary agreement with Shine Bros.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

After a presentation by representatives of Shine Bros. Corporation, the Spencer Park Board approved a temporary easement agreement between the city and the local company regarding a storm water containment event at Storybook Park, formerly known as Pete's Pond.

"We need to remove some insulation from the park," said Mike Wycoff, a representative of Shine Bros. "This isn't a situation for a bucket and a shovel, though. We've hired a contractor, and we'll bring in a vacuum truck and other large equipment."

The agreement will grant Shine Bros. permission to access the property and clean up the insulation from the event, and it will also allow the business to re-do some of the fencing along the property line.

"I think this will be a positive thing," said Delray Brehedoeft, parks director. "They will redirect the water, so the water will go out to 10th Avenue, and not through the park. It will be a positive thing for the park."

Storybook Park was a city dump site before being turned into a park by the city. According to Bredehoeft, the name was changed from Pete's Pond at least five years ago.

The agreement between the city and Shine Bros. will allow the company 21 consecutive days to remove the insulation material. Construction of the fence will likely continue into next spring.

"The obstruction to the park will be minimal," Wycoff said of the construction. "We will fix anything that is damaged, and reseed and replace trees where needed."

Although the agreement was approved by the park board, approval is required from the city council before it can be officially passed. The park board will recommend approval by the council. The matter will be addressed at the council meeting on July 21.

Pending approval of the agreement, work on the park is anticipated to begin July 28.

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