There are no accidents

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I believe everything happens for a reason, good or bad. Maybe you find a dollar on the ground or you are running late to work: There is a reason behind that.

This weekend really reaffirmed my belief, because until Monday June 30, I hadn't planned on going home. But I am sure glad I did.

My father is a mechanic, and he has worked on just about everything with wheels and some without. Every time I go home he checks my car. This time I was due for a tire rotation, which turned into something much more pressing.

Upon removing my front tires my dad discovered both of my car's front struts had broken springs. I am not sure when and how this happened. All I know is that it's not good. Immediate replacement was necessary.

I wasn't going to go home this weekend, but at the last minute, I just had this feeling like I should. Everything happens for a reason. I went home because my car needed some serious maintenance that I didn't even know about. If my dad wasn't the awesome mechanic he is, I would have been looking at a $300 to $400 bill. But when your dad is a mechanic, everything -- with the exception of the part being replaced -- is free. Thank you, Dad!

I had no idea there was anything wrong with my car. I am not completely clueless about cars. I know how to check my oil and my tires. I know quite a few people who, until I showed them, didn't know how to do that. I can identify a few engine parts like the alternator and pistons. But if my car is still rolling and not making a weird noise, I will keep on going.

I wasn't really surprised. My car is 11 years old, had one previous owner and this is only the second major repair it's needed. My car's 9-year-old brakes needed replacing when they started grinding two years ago. Last year, I had to replace the 10-year-old factory battery, which I don't consider to be a major repair. I would say everything is holding up pretty well considering the age of the car.

Everything happens for a reason. I really do believe that and this weekend really was proof.

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