Council amends budget, approves police chief appointment

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Spencer City Council conducted a quick meeting Monday night. The open portion of the meeting lasted approximately 20 minutes.

After a public hearing, the City Council approved to amend the city's 2013-14 fiscal year budget. The amendment was for the amount of $1,726,323.

"As you are all aware, it is not uncommon for the city to do this as we adopt the budget 15 months in advance," Spencer City Manager Bob Fagen said.

A majority of the amendment was to reflect increases to the budget from the Fairway Woods Project, economic development grants and loan to the 911 board.

More information on the amendment to the budget is pending.

The council also approved Spencer Mayor Reynold Peterson's appointment of Interim Police Chief Mark Warburton as Spencer police chief in a unanimous vote.

"I would like to thank the mayor and council for this opportunity to serve the city of Spencer," Warburton said to the council.

Warburton will be sworn in as police chief July 1.

In other business:

The second filing of an ordinance amending Title 9 of the Spencer City Code to include the use classification of microbrewery was approved.

The City Council added Fourth Street Southeast between Grand Avenue and Second Avenue Southeast to the 2014 HMA Overlay project. The addition will increase the project's costs by $56,758.03.

The city renewed its group insurance with the Iowa Government Health Care Plan starting July 1 and ending June 30, 2015. City employees will see an increase of $4.78 per month to the family portion of their premiums.

The council ended its meeting in a closed session to discuss the sale of real estate owned by the city. Once the sale is completed or abandoned, the information discussed during the closed session will be released to the public.

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