Great action at Jackson Speedway

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A perfect night for racing action greeted fans turning out for the Wayne Gohr Memorial Night at Jackson Speedway on Saturday, August 17. The Jackson Speedway Touring Series Last Deck 360 Winged Sprints capped off the evening's event with a special 25 lap feature event for the Wayne Gohr Memorial race. A total of 76 cars turned out for the evening's racing program, sponsored by Dirt Track Race Cars and Houseman Oil.

Winning heat races were Derek Steen, Trey Thesenvitz and Zach Drahota in the Miniakota Micro sprints, while Tony Salmon and Megan Lappegard earned the heat checkers in the IMCA Sport Compacts. For the Sign Pros IMCA Hobby Stocks, the heat wins went toTrevor Holm, Kyle Schley and Drew Barglof. Winning the heat races in the Bohl's Small Engine & Marine IMCA Sport Modifieds were Randy Winter and Troy Rink. The 305 Sprint Heat race win went to Bill Boles, while the Hometown Motors IMCA Stock Car heat checkers went to Jake Masters and Derrick Bargloff. Capturing the JSTS Last Deck 360 Sprint heats were Jody Rosenboom and Skyler Prochaska.

Feature wins went to Wade Huisman in the Miniakota Micro Sprints and Megan Lappegard in the Sport Compacts, Justin Luinenburg in the Hobby Stock feature and Jason Andrews in the Sport Mod main event. For the 305 Sprints, Bill Boles earned the checkered flags. For the Stock Car feature, Jake Masters came away with the victory and in the Wayne Gohr 25-lap Feature for the 360 Sprints, Skyelr Prochaska captured the checkered flags.

Jackson Speedway will host Ultimate Bike Night this Saturday, August 24, when the annual bicycle giveaway for kids will take place. Past Ultimate Bike Nights have seen nearly 200 bicycles given away every year. The Bob Boland Ford A Modifieds will also race that evening, as the races will be sponsored by Graham Tire and Last Deck Manufacturing.

Minniakota Micro Sprint Feature -- 20 Laps -- 16 cars

21W -- Wade Huisman, Orange City, IA

32T -- Tim Ottenbacher, Granville, IA

53 -- Trey Thesenvitz, Jasper, MN

51W -- Jason Wagner, Sioux Falls, SD

22 -- Kalob Johnson, Sioux Falls, SD

21 -- Ryan Schurr, Chandler, MN

153 -- Chad Nachtigal, Little Rock, IA

22S -- Derek Steen, Lakefield, MN

39 -- Zach Drahota, Jackson, MN

15 -- Brady Hall, Lakefield, MN

12 -- Colin Smith, Emmetsburg, IA

7 -- John Sullivan, Arnolds Park

3S -- Justin Swenson, Westbrook, MN

10N -- Nick Birchard, Spencer, IA

4A -- Josh Peters -- Adrian, MN

10 - Austin Smedsrud, Westbrook, MN (DNF)

YellowBook IMCA Sport Compacts -- Feature -- 8 Laps -- 10 cars

33 -- Megan Lappegard, Estherville, IA

78X -- Dusty Seachris, Luverne, MN

2X -- Tony Salmon, Jackson, MN

7 -- Stephanie Forsberg, Slayton, MN

77Z -- Blaney Markman, Jackson, MN

7X -- Jesse James, Milford, IA

3DD -- DeeDee Bolte, Jackson, MN

87 -- George Vanpell, Harris, IA

33X -- Nikkya Betz, Avoca, MN (DNF)

29X -- Jason Bolte, Odin, MN (DNS)

Sign Pros IMCA Hobby Stocks -- Feature -- 12 Laps -- 20 cars

17X -- Justin Luinenburg, Reading, MN

17 -- Trevor Holm, Edgerton, MN

27 -- Malik Sampson, Worthington, MN

2013 -- Jamie Songer, Ankeny, IA

45 -- Drew Barglof, Sioux Rapids, IA

75C -- Cory Probst, Worthington, MN

87 -- John Briggs, Cherokee, IA

7WX -- Troy Krug, Emmetsburg, IA

7 -- Neil Forsberg, Slayton, MN

14 -- Ernie Dailey, Worthington, MN

2 -- Merle Pattison, Estherville, IA

74T -- Chad Taylor, Fairmont, MN

0 -- Charlie Rustman, St. Peter, MN

76 -- Ben Peterson, Northrup, MN

52S -- Kyle Schley, Alpha, MN

3B -- Mike Carlson, Slatyon, MN (DNF)

68M -- Ryan Michelson, Estherville, IA (DNF)

M7 -- Josh Mahler, Paullina, IA (DNF)

20N -- Justin Nehring, Storm Lake, IA (DNF)

717 -- Nick Schilling, Sanborn, IA (DNF)

84B -- Bob White, Sioux Rapids, IA (DNS)

Bohl's Small Engine & Marine IMCA Sport Mods -- Feature -- 15 Laps, 15 Cars

03Z -- Jason Andrews, Okabena, MN

R1 -- Tom Brown, Heron Lake, MN

8L -- Lyle Sathoff, Armstrong, IA

11B -- Aaron Betz, Avoca, MN

3W -- Randy Winter, Winnebago, MN

25 -- Dan Paplow, Dundee, MN

20 -- Justin Schuder, Fairmont, MN

75 -- Eric Kinnetz, Milford, IA

7C -- Ben Chukuske, Sherburn, MN

51 -- Eric Boler, Brandon, SD

7N -- Nathan Chukuski, Sherburn, MN

18 -- Kyle Steuber, Fairmont, MN (DNF)

2 -- Rick Johnson, Sibley, IA (DNF)

48T -- Troy Rink, Estherville, IA (DNF)

22J -- James Jenkins, Harris, IA (DNS)

305 Sprint Feature -- 12 Laps -- 7 cars

05 -- Bill Boles, Harris, IA

93 -- Kalob Johnson, Sioux Falls, SD

33 -- Travis Lain, Des Moines, IA

8 -- Jim Tiesler, Round Lake, MN

98 -- Steve Yarns, Spirit Lake, IA (DNF)

33X -- Trevor Smith, Sheldon, IA (DNF)

11A -- Bruce Anderson, Trimont, MN (DNF)

Hometown Motors IMCA Stock Cars -- Feature -- 15 laps -- 11 cars

11 -- Jake Masters, Graettinger, IA

31 -- Trent Schroeder, Worthington, MN

5 -- Luke Sathoff, Jackson, MN

83 -- Jim Richert, Comfrey, MN

69M Gary Mattison, Lamberton, MN

38 -- Derek Voehl -- Lakefield, MN

11K -- Scott Knudson, Elkton, SD

25M -- Derrick Bargloff, Sioux Rapids, IA

63 -- Donnie Planting, Estherville, IA (NDF

66Z -- Elijah Zevenbergen, Ocheyedan, IA (DNF)

2 -- Mark Stanley, Storm Lake, IA (DNF)

JSTS Last Deck 360 Sprint Cars -- Feature -- 25 Laps -- 13 cars

35 -- Skyler Prochaska, Lakefield, MN

82 -- Scott Winters, Butterfield, MN

11X -- Gregg Bakker, Sioux Falls, SD

14 --Jody Rosenboom, Rock Rapids, IA

05 -- Bill Boles, Harris, IA

32 -- Mark Toews, Spirit Lake, IA

4W -- Matt Wasmund, Jackson, MN

10X -- Justin Jocobsma, Hull, IA

29 -- Nate Eakin, Lake Park, IA (DNF)

13MJ- Brandon Halverson, Jackson, MN (DNF)

64 -- Bruce Anderson, Trimont, MN (DNF)

09 -- Matt Juhl, Estherville, IA (DNS)

75C -- Casey Heser, Jackson, MN (DNS)

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