'A Messenger'

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Colton Dixon, "A Messenger."

After being dismissed from "American Idol" with six contestants still remaining, some singers might give up. Perhaps the vocal life just wasn't meant for them.

Not so for season 11's (and, technically, season 10's) Colton Dixon. The rocker put his nose to the grindstone and followed his own musical whims. For Dixon, this meant breaking into the Christian music scene.

"A Messenger," Dixon's first album, hit stores on Tuesday.

Something must be special about the water available in the "Idol" house, because he and fellow contestants Casey Abrams and Philip Phillips all managed to produce phenomenal first albums.

"A Messenger" does not sound like someone new to the music industry. Each track off this album could serve as a single. It's very rare to find artists like this - it's far more common to find musicians who focus hard on a few singles, musical gold, and then fill the rest of the album with songs that are passable.

The first two singles released, "Never Gone" and "You Are," are enjoying success on Christian radio. A third track, "Scars" is getting a lot of attention and is sure to be well-received on his tour opening for Third Day.

Dixon is the second contestant from his "Idol" season to release an album, behind winner Philip Phillips.

His journey on the show was, at best, a coincidence. After narrowly missing his chance on the big stage in season 10, he had no intention of auditioning again. His sister, combined with the show's judges, encouraged him to sing, and the show put him immediately through. His sister was eliminated during Vegas week, but he went on to finish seventh in the competition.

Some people are meant to sing, and such is the case with Dixon. I'm excited to see what happens as he becomes even more comfortable with his voice and with his place as a Christian radio superstar.

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