Building permit extension approved for Palm property

Saturday, January 26, 2013

On Jan. 21, City Planning Director Kirby Schmidt approached city council on behalf of Michael and Jan Palm about an extension on the restoration of one of their properties.

The extension was granted, and the Palms have until Nov. 31, 2014 to finish the work on the house on 10th Ave. SE. Some complaints about the on-going restoration from the neighbors were made recently about a pile of dirt and a pile of bricks. A time table of early May was given to take care of those possible nuisance items.

The house has been in the process of being restored for over five years, according to City Manager Bob Fagen. The paperwork for the house on 10th Ave. was submitted in Feb. 2008.

"A time table was given for this house, and the Palms ran out of time," Fagen said.

Since 2008, the Palms have had six houses in restoration.

"They are restoring houses with a lot of character," Fagen said. "And when they are done they are excellent products."

A problem the Palms have run into several times is that they meticulously restore the houses back to their original state. The houses they restore are from the late 1890s or early 1900s and have historical value, especially in this community.

"Each one they picked out are jewels," Schmidt said. "It just takes a long time, and it's a progression."

This house is the last on their list, and if the Palms don't get it finished by the end of Nov. 2014 they will have an additional 90 days to finish the restoration. If the house isn't complete by that time the city will take the project, Fagen said.

According to Schmidt, a contractor is lined up to start this spring on the house.

The Palms do their own work on the houses they restore. "We were slowed down by weather and some financial issues," Michael Palm said.

The Palms declined to comment further until the work is finished on the property.

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