CC-E participates in District Large Group Speech

Saturday, January 26, 2013
Clay Central-Everly Mime group: Megan Wassom, Shelby Johnson and Christian Wilson. Lying down in front is Cain Adrian. (Photo submitted)
Clay Central-Everly Choral Reading group: (L-R) Crystal Schmidt, Renee Nehring, Morgan Wiemann, Shelby Johnson and Megan Wassom (Photo Sumbitted)

Thirty-three students from Clay Central-Everly competed in the district large-group speech contest Jan. 19, in Spencer, with two groups advancing to the state contest.

Speech coach Nicole Dorhout said that while she's proud of the groups who advanced, the real story is the level of participation at CCE.

"We have 39 percent of our high school student body participating in speech, and almost all of those compete in two events," she said. "On top of that, these are busy kids. Almost all of them are in other activities such as basketball, cheerleading, dance team, FFA, band, and others."

The Choral-Reading group and the mime ensemble both earned superior ratings, advancing to the state contest Feb. 2 in Le Mars. Three others groups - one-act play, reader's theater, and group improvisation - also competed.

Choral Reading performed a piece titled "The Boy Who Saved the World," a story about several famous Iowans who had a big impact on the world.

"It's also a story about the way that each of us has the ability to change the world," Dorhout said. "It shows how each life is important."

Members of the choral reading group are Megan Wassom, Shelby Johnson, Crystal Schmidt, Renee Nehring and Morgan Wiemann.

The Mime group, consisting of Megan Wassom, Shelby Johnson, Christian Wilson, and Cain Adrian, wrote and performed a piece titled "Alien Abduction."

Dorhout said the judge gave great feedback.

"He was laughing audibly throughout the piece," she said. "He was impressed."

The One-Act Play received a rating of "I" (superior) and two "II" ratings (good) from the three judges. The reader's theater received a "good" rating. The Group Improvisation group inadvertently touched a piece of furniture in the room, and were therefore disqualified.

Dorhout said these groups easily could have received all "I"s.

"In speech, things are pretty subjective," she said. "I thought the groups did extremely well; I think we must have been really close to a 'I.' Even though the improv group had a slight technical problem, the kids performed very well. I'm sure they will do really well next year."

Dorhout said that speech is a great activity, no matter the outcome of contests.

"To me, the value is in the process itself more than the final product," she said. "These kids worked really hard and earned some very valuable skills that will help them for the rest of their lives. I'm really proud of their efforts. To be able to get up in front of strangers and perform is a great skill to have."

The state contest is Saturday, Feb. 2, in Le Mars.

Choral Reading - rating of I - qualified for state -Wassom, Shelby Johnson, Morgan Wiemann, Crystal Schmidt and Renee Nehring

Mime - rating of I - qualified for state - Megan Wassom, Christian Wilson, Cain Adrian and Shelby Johnson

One-Act Play - received a II, II, and I - Tori Rayner, Becca Borkowski, Talor Stein, Emily Jobst, Tari Galm, Caitlin Khenkitisak, Paige Reynolds, Payten McMeekin, Katrina McCarty, Josie McCarty, Abby Blok, Daniel Borkowski, Heather Busch, Ben Langner, Christian Wilson, Crystal Schmidt, Paige Reynolds, Kristin Trierweiler, Renee Nehring, Morgan Wiemann, Kayla Sterler, Roman Fahnlander and Justina Cherry (stage manager)

Reader's Theater- rating of II - Abby Blok, Roman Fahnlander, Katrina McCarty, Paige Reynolds, Daniel Borkowski, Emily Jobst, Becca Borkowski, Talor Stein, Tori Rayner, Caitlin Khenkitisak and Heather Busch

Group Improv - Samm Kluender, Cecilia Rickerl, Matt McEwen, Kylara Steffen, Cain Adrian and Ali Biggar

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