New exhibit display four unique art styles

Thursday, January 24, 2013
Arts on Grand is hosting the work of four Iowa artists. Three are from the Peterson area and one is from Storm Lake. Beth Cathcart works with pottery and her showcase pieces are scattered throughout the gallery on the wall, on pedestals and sitting on the floor. Barb McGee paints modern western scenes of cowboys and cattle. Joleen Dentlinger draws building scenes using pen and ink. And Linda Fries does negative water color paintings of mainly trees, meaning she leaves space purposefully unpainted and white. Their work will be on display in the gallery until Feb. 2. The pieces shown are a green and yellow tree by Fries, one of McGee's western scenes titled "Bringing up the Rear," three of Beth Cathcart's pottery pieces, and a large pen and ink drawing of a barn by Dentlinger. (Photos by Brandon Barb)

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