We are waiting

Saturday, December 8, 2012

December is a time for waiting.

We are in Advent, waiting for Christmas to celebrate family, friends, and the birth of baby Jesus.

We are waiting for New Year's Day, maybe because there's only two weeks left to this year and, rather than commit to serious change now, we'll tack it on as a resolution.

We are waiting for Pope Benedict XVI, who, although he has recently started a Twitter account, will hold off on the all-important first tweet until Dec. 12.

Kelly Ripa commented on this story earlier this week on her show with Michael Strahan.

"The pope has over a billion followers already," she said. "Although, I do believe they're called Catholics."

We seem to always be waiting at one point or another. Whether it's for a stoplight, train, special date, movie release, new year or second coming, we wait every day.

It's inevitable, but the way that we wait is completely up to us. If we wait idly, waiting becomes our only action. If we are active, if we participate in each day, waiting becomes secondary. It's still there, yes, but it's less noticeable.

Will I tune in on the twelfth to see the pope's first tweet? Of course: I'm a pop-culture junkie. But I won't sit by my twitter account, cursor permanently affixed to "refresh", anticipating a moment in the future while the present slips quietly by.

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