Holiday Family Adoption serving area families

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Holiday Family Adoption Program, a Spencer-area holiday staple, allows generous area families, businesses and service groups to share in the holiday spirit and bounty.

It's easy to "adopt" a family. You can contact The Daily Reporter Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. at 262-6610 and let us know the number of the family you wish to "adopt."

Then the fun begins.

You can shop for items on the wish list, wrap them up and drop them off at one of two drop-off days; Saturday, Dec. 8 or Saturday, Dec. 15, from 8:30 a.m. until noon on both days. The collection location will be at the Depot Building at the Clay County Fairgrounds.

Then, on Sunday, Dec. 16, the Spencer Volunteer Firemen, Spencer Rotary volunteers and area UPS employees will deliver the gifts to families.

Available families are listed below:


Male, age 15: pants, size 32x32, size 16-18 polo shirts, white t-shirts, pajamas, size 9-13 ankle or crew socks, boxer shorts, razor, cologne.

Male, age 12: pants, size 36x32, size 14-16 shirts, size 9-13 ankle or crew socks, pajamas.

Family: Monopoly, cards, Trouble, Yatzee, age appropriate movies, comedies.


Female, age 16: size 3X long or short sleeved shirts, size 3X sweatpants and jeans, favorite colors- pink, purple, lime green, black, movies, books

Family: soap, household supplies, shampoo, movie theatre gift card


Female, age 65: size 2XL zipper sweatshirts, size XL sweatpants, size 7 1/2 slippers

Male, age 84: size L undershirts, size 10 1/2 slippers, movies for DVD


Female, age 65: size XL button-up shirt, size 30-32 waist slacks (elastic waist), size 9 socks, grocery gift card


Male, age 11: boys size 10-12 pants and underwear, cars, puzzles, little tractors, coloring books

Male, age 9: boys size 10 pants and underwear, Pokemon cards, Transformers, Nurf guns

Female, age 6: girls size 6 pants, shirts and underwear, beads for crafts, Barbie dolls, nail polish, girly stuff

Male, age 40: size 34 pants, size XL sweatshirts

Female, age 34: size 14 pants, size L shirts


Male, age 78: size 10 snow boots


Male, age 55: size XL shirts, size 38x34 pants, size 13 snow boots, gloves, hat

Female, age 49: size XL shirts, size 16-18 skirts, size 8 snow boots, mittens, hat

Female, age 9: size 6x shirts and pants, size 1 snow boots, mittens, hats, noisy toys


Female, age 6: girls size 7/8 jeans with adjustable waist band, size 7/8 shirts, size 8 panties, books, Barbies, stuffed animals

Female, age 5: girls size 5/6 shirts, size 6 jeans with adjustable waist band, size 6 panties, books, writing, Barbies, stuffed animals

Female, adult: size XXL hoodies, black and/or white bath towels, back scratcher, blender


Female, age 14: size 10-12 shirts, jeans, underwear, winter coat, pj's, socks, make-up, hair stuff

Male, age 12: size 14-16 shirts, pants, underwear, socks, football, soccer ball, Nerf guns

Male, age 10: size 10-12 shirts, jeans, underwear, winter coat, likes Star Wars, Nerf guns, wrestling

Male, age 7: size 7-8 or 8-10 shirts, jeans, underwear, socks, winter coat, trucks, Legos, wrestling, Nerf guns


Male, age 10: games, books, Legos

Male, age 5: size 5 clothes, trucks, cars


Male, age 12: boys size 14/16 shirts, size 14 reg. jeans, Legos, football stuff, soccer stuff

Male, age 6: boys size 7/8 shirts, size 7 reg. jeans, Legos, football stuff, trucks, cars

Female, age 4: girls size 5/6 shirts, size 6 reg. jeans, books, dolls, horses, puzzles


Female, age 15: size 1 black skinny jeans, size 7 winter boots, fingernail polish and remover, zebra/leopard print pillows and rug, facial wash and moisturizer, necklaces, earrings, paint brush markers, sharpies

Female, age 34: large bath towels, kitchen towels, queen size dark blue sheets, candles- apple, vanilla, soft throw blankets, cooking pans


Female, 43: size 22 jeans, size 2XL shirts and hoodies

Female, age 17: size S-M shirts and hoodies, perfume, books

Female, age 14: girls size L shirts and hoodies, perfume, hair accessories, books

Female, age 8: girls size 7/8 winter coat, sweatshirts, twin size comforter- purple, books, Barbie doll

Female, age 8: girls size 7/8 winter coat, sweatshirts, twin size comforter- pink, books, Barbie doll


Male, age 6: size 7 pants, 7/8 shirts, board games, Batman, books, slippers, Hot Wheels race track, sheets for twin bed

Female, age 6: size 7 pants, 7/8 shirts, puzzles, books, slippers, board games, Barbies, sheets for twin bed

Female, adult: dishes, crock pot, silverware, food storage containers


Male, age 2: size 3T jeans, sweatshirts, size 8/9 shoes, learning toys, games

Female, age 5: girls size 10/12 leggings, skirts, shirts, size 1 shoes, Disney blanket, activity books, fold up scooter

Female, age 22: double/queen blanket, movie passes for family, groceries


Male, age 34: size XXL shirts, size 9-10 socks,

Female, age 25: size XL shirts and sweatshirts, size 8-10 socks

Female, age 5: size 6-6X long sleeve shirts, pants, likes writing, books, Barbies

Female, age 2: size 2T jeans and long sleeve shirts, SpongeBob, learning toys to help talk

Male, age 9 months: all clothes size 12-18 months, learning toys


Female, age 27: size S hoodies, kitchen stuff, bowls, glasses, snow shovel, pillows, blankets

Male, age 9: adult size S clothes, books, board games, Matchbox cars, sports stuff, Pokeman cards, baseball cards


Female, age 9: girls size 10 pajamas, snow pants, size 2 snow boots, rollerblades, Justin Bieber CD

Female, age 4: girls size S pajamas, scooter, Kids Bop CD, mittens, hair accessories

Female, age 2: size 2T-3T pajamas, jeans, shirts and sweaters, dolls, any toy with music and lights

Female, adult: zebra print blanket

Male, adult: size XL Hawkeyes hoodie

All 3 girls like books, coloring books, paper, crayons, art supplies, children's movies

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